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Washing your filter
Check that the filter unit is
completely dry.
To refit, position the filter unit in
place on the main body and twist
clockwise until it clicks into place.
The filter unit may require more
frequent washing if vacuuming fine
dust or if used mostly in Boost mode.
Don’t put any part of your machine
in a dishwasher, washing machine,
tumble dryer, oven, microwave or
near a naked flame.
Wash the filter unit in cold
water only.
Wash the pleated paper element
of the filter unit first; hold the filter
unit under a cold water tap with
the foam element downwards
and run cold water over the
pleated paper.
To always get the best performance from your
machine, it is important to regularly clean the filters
and check for blockages.
The LCD display will alert you when the filter unit
needs washing. We recommend that you wash your
filter at least once a month or when your machine
alerts you.
Remove the filter unit by twisting it
anti-clockwise. Gently pull it away
from the machine.
Tap the filter unit gently, to remove
any excess dust and debris before
washing it.
Wash the foam element of the filter
unit next; hold the filter unit under
a cold water tap with the foam
element downwards so that dirty
water does not contaminate the
pleated paper element. Run cold
water over the inside and outside of
the foam element and squeeze the
foam gently to expel the dirt.
Repeat washing both parts of the
filter unit until the water runs clear.
Gently shake the filter unit to
remove any excess water and leave
to drain with the foam element end
facing up.
Leave the filter unit to dry
completely in a dry environment
with good airflow, for a minimum
of 24 hours.
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