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Operator's Manual for Craftsman 358799190

Table of Contents

  • Limited Warranty Statement
  • Service & Adjustments
  • Safety Rules
  • Storage
  • Assembty
  • Troubleshooting Chart
  • Operation
  • Spanish
  • Maintenance
  • Parts Ordering


Use only a voltage supply as specified on your unit.

Extension cords are available for this unit.


Loop extension cord through the handle and around hook. Insure the pIug and cord are firmly and fully engaged.


Stand as shown and check for the following:

• Operator wearing eye protection and heavy clothing.

• Right hand holding handle.

• Unit below waist level

• Use the left side for trimming so debris is thrown away from the operator, Without operator bending over, keep the line near and paraIlel to ground and not crowded into material being cut,


Advance line by tapping bottom of cutting head lightly on the ground while unit is running at full speed. A metal blade attached to the shield will cut the line to the proper length.


WARNING: Use minimum speed and do not crowd the line when cutting around hard objects (rock, gravel, fence posts, etc.), which can damage the trimmer head, become entangled in the line, or be thrown causing a serious hazard.

• The tip of the line does the cutting. You will achieve the best performance and minimum line wear by not crowding the line into the cutting area. The right and wrong ways are shown below.

• The line will easily remove grass and weeds from around walls, fences, trees and flower beds. but it also can cut the tender bark of trees or shrubs and scar fences. To help avoid damage especially to delicate vegetation or trees with tender bark, shorten line to 4-5 in. (t0-13 cm).

WARNING: Always wear eye protection. Never lean over the trimmer head. Rocks or debris can ricochet or be thrown into eyes and face and cause blindness or other serious injury. Do not use trimmer for edging.

  • TRIMMING - Hold the bottom of the trimmer head about 3 in. (8 cm) above the ground and at an angle. Allow only the tip of the line to make contact. Do not force trimmer line into work area.
  • SCALPING - The scalping technique removes unwanted vegetation. Hold the bottom of the trimmer head about 3 in. (8 cm) above the ground and at an angle. Allow the tip of the line to strike the ground around trees, posts, monuments, etc. This technique increases line wear.
  • MOWING - Your trimmer is ideal for mowing in places conventional lawn mowers cannot reach. In the mowing position, keep the line parallel to the ground. Avoid pressing the head into the ground as this can scalp the ground and damage the toot.
  • SWEEPING - The fanning action of the rotating line can be used for a quick and easy clean up. Keep the line parallel to and above the surfaces being swept and move the tool from side to side.



The warranty on this unit does not cover items that have been subjected to operator abuse or negligence. To receive full value from the warranty, the operator must maintain unit as instructed in this manual. Various adjustments wilI need to be made periodically to properly maintain your unit.


• Housing Screws

• Assist HandIe Screws

• Debris Shietd


Refer replacement of damaged/worn parts to your Sears Service Center.

• Trigger Switch - Ensure switch functions property by pressing and reIeasing the trigger switch. Make sure motor stops.

• Debris Shield - Discontinue use of unit if debris shieId is damaged, CLEAN UNIT & LABELS

• Ctean the unit using a damp cloth with a mild detergent. • Wipe off unit with a clean dry cloth.

Service & Adjustments


• Remove the spool by firmly pulling on the tap button.

• Clean entire surface of hub and spool.

• Replace with a pre-wound spool (# 71-85837), or cut a length of 30 feet of .065" (1.6 mm) diameter Craftsman® Trimmer line. Use of heavier lines could overload the unit and damage unit. Never use wire, rope, string, etc., which can break off and become a dangerous missile.

• Insert one end of line about 1/2 inch (1 cm) into the small hole inside spool

• Wind the line evenly and tightly onto the spool, Wind in the direction of the arrow found on the spool.

• Push the line into the notch, leaving 3 to 5 inches (7 - 12 cm) unwound.

• insert the line into the line exit hole in the hub as illustrated.

• Align the notch with the line exit hole.

• Push the spool into the hub until it snaps into place.

• Putt the line extending outside the hub to release it from the notch.


Prepare unit for storage at end of season or if it will not be used for 30 days or more.


• Stop the unit and disconnect the power source when not in use,

• Carry the unit with motor stopped.

• Store the unit so the line limiter blade cannot cause injury.

• Store unit and extension cord indoors in a high, dry place out of the reach of children, Store unit unplugged.

• Store unit with all guards in pIace. Position unit so that any sharp object cannot accidentally cause injury.


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