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ARNING: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions before first use of this product.

For answers to your questions about this product. call 7am-7pm.

Mon.-Sat.. or 10am-7pm.



Roebuck end Co. Hoffman Estates.

IL 60179 USA

53(3087635 Q/26/99

Warranty Statement Storage Safety Rules Troubleshooting Chart Assembly Parts Available Operation Maintenance Spanish Service & Adjustments Parts Ordering Back Cover


If this Craftsman Electric Blower fails to perform properly due to a detect in materi al or workmanship within (1) one year from the date of purchase. Sears will repair or replace it. free of charge.


This warranty gives you specific legal rights. and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Sears. Roebuck and Co. D/817WA Hoffman Estates. IL 60179



WARNING: The warnings and safety instructions in this manual must be followed to reduce the risk of fire. electric shock. or injury. nd to provide reasonable safety and efficiency in us ing this unit. The operator is responsible for following the warnings and instruc tions in this manual and on the unit.

Read the entire Operator's Manual be. fore assembling and using the unit! Re strict the use of this unitto persons who read. understand. and follow the warn ings and instructions inthis manual and on the unit.Never allow children to use this unit. Close attention is necessary when used near children.


• Always wear safety glasses or similar eye protectionwhen operating. servic ing. or performing maintenance on your unit. Wearing eye protectioncan help to prevent rocks or debris from being blown or ricocheting into eyes

• TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELEC TRICAL SHOCK--Do not use in damp or wet locations or around swim ming pools. hot tubs. etc.

Do not ex pose to snow. rein. or water.

Do not handle extension cord plug or unit with wet hands.

• To reduce the risk of electrical shock. use extension cords speciticaIly marked as suitable for outdoor ap pliances having electrical rating not less than the rating of the unit. The cord must be marked with the suffix "W-A" (in Canada. "W"). Use a polar ized cord. Make sure your extension cord is ingood condition.

Ifdamaged. have the cord replaced.

An under sized extension cord willcause a drop in linevoltage resulting in loss of pow erandoverhesting.

If indoubt. usethe next heavier gauge. The smaller the gauge number. the heavier the cord. (NOTE: The correct size to be used depending on the cordlength isshown inthis manual).

• To reduce the risk of electricalshock. this equipment has a polarized plug (one bladeis widerthan the other). This plugwill fit only one way in a polarized outlet of the extension cord. Ensure you have a polarized extension cord. The plugof the polarized extension cord will fit into the outlet only one wey. Ifthe plug does not fit fully inthe outlet. reverse the plug.If itstilldoes not tit. ontact a quali fied electrician to installproper outlet. Do not change the plug in any way.

• Inspact the insulation and connectors on the unit and extension cord before each use. If there is any damage. do not use until damage is repaired by your Sears Service Center.

Do not pull or carry by cord; do not use cord as a handle. close a door on cord. or pull cord around sharp edges or cor ners. Keep cord away from heated surfaces. Do not unplug by pulling on cord. To unplug. grasp the plug. not the cord.

• To reduce the possibilityof the exten sion cord disconnecting from the unit during operation. tie cord to cord re tainer and connect to recessed plug as shown in this manual.

• Don't use the unitifthe switchdoes not turn the unit on and offproperly. Have the unit repaired by your Sears Ser vice Center.

• Keep the extension cord clear of oper atorand obstacles at alltimes. Do not expose cords to heat. oil. water. or sharp edges.

• Avoid any body contact with any grounded conductor. such as matel fences. or pipes. to avoid the possibil ity of electdc shock. Don't handle plug or unit with wet hands.

• Do not use with damaged cord orplug.

If unit is not working as it should. has been dropped. damaged. left out doors. or dropped into water. return it to your Sears Service Center for re pair.

• Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protectionshould be provided on the circuitor outlet to be used for this unit.

Receptacles are available having built-in GFCI protection and may be used for this measure of safe ty.

• Keep others including children. ani mals. bystanders. and helpers a mini mum of 30feet (10 meters) away. Stop the motor immediately it you are ap prcached. Do not allow the unit to be used as a toy.

DOUBLE INSULATION CONSTRUCTION This unit is Double Insulated to help protect against electric shock. Double insulation construction consists of two separate "layers" of electrical insula tion instead of grounding.Tools and ap pliances builtwith a double insulation system are not intended to be grounded. No grounding means is pro vided on this unit. nor should a means of grounding be added to this unit.As a result. he extension cord used with your unit can be plugged into any stan dard 120 volt electrical outlet.Safety precautions must be observed when operating any electrical tool.The double insulation system only provides added protection against injury result ing from an internal electrical insulation faiture.

All electrical repairs to this unit. includ ing housing. switch. motor. tc. must be diagnosed and repaired by qualified service personnel. Replacement parts for a double insulated appliance must be identical to the parts they replace. A double insulated appliance is marked with the words DOUBLEINSULATIONor DOUBLE INSULATED.The symbol [] (square within a square) may also be marked on the appliance. Failure to have the unit repaired by Sears ser vice personnel can cause the double


• Turn off all controls and allow the mo tor to stop before disconnecting the unit from the power source.

• Disconnect the unit from the power source when not in use. Do not leave the unit when itis plugged into outlet.

• Do not set the unit on any surface ex cept a clean. hard area while the unitis running. Debris such as gravel. sand. dust. grass. etc. could be picked up by the air intake and thrown out through the discharge opening. dam aging the unit. property. orcausing se rious injury to bystanders or operator.

• Do not overreach or use from unstable surfaces suoh as ladders. trees. steep slopes. rooftops. etc. Use extra care when oleanlng on stairways.

Keep firm footing and balance at all times.

Keep hands out of tubes.

• Inspect theentire unit before each use for worn. loose. missing. or damaged parts.

Do not use until the unit is in proper working order.

• Disconnect unit from power source before servicing. cleaning. performing maintenance. or storing.

This unit is Double Insulated. Seethe "DOUBLE INSULATION"section. Have all internal service performed by quali fied service repair personnel to avoid creating a hazard or voiding your war ranty.

• Have all maintenance other than the recommended procedures described in the Operator's Manual performed by your Sears Service Center.

• Always see your Sears Service Cen ter to replace a damaged impeller.

Parts that are chipped. cracked. bro ken. or damaged in any other way can fiy apart and cause serious injury. Re place damaged parts before using the unit

• Never place any object Intheair intake opening as this couJd restrict proper airflow and cause damage to the unit.

• Never douse the unit with water or oth er liquids or squirt with a water hose Clean with a damp sponge and mid soap.


• Check air intake openings and tubes frequently. always with the unit stopped and power source disoon nested. Keep vents and tubes free ol debris which can accumulate and re strict proper air flow.

• Do notbum. incinerate. or expose this unit to extreme heat.

• Store the unit unplugged in a high. cool. dry. indoor area out of the reach of children.

• Use only recommended attachments and replacement parts to avoid creat ing a hazard and]or voiding warranty.

• Maintain the unit acoording to recom mended procedures.

• Use only for jobs explained in this manual.


• Use only in daylight or in good artificial light.

• Inspect the area before using the unit.

Remove all debris and hard objects suoh as rocks. glass. wire. etc. that can ricochet. be thrown. or otherwise cause injury or damage.

• Avoid accidental starting. Be sure the switch is in the OFF positionand keep your hand and fingers away from the switch while connecting the unit to the power source or when carrying a unit connected to the power source.

• Never run the unit without the proper equipment attaohed. When used as a blower. always install a blower tube.

Use only recommended attachments.

Do not use with any opening blocked.

Keep free of dust. lint. hair and any thing that may reduce air flow.

• To avoid spreading fire. do not use blower near leaf or brush fires. fire places. barbecue pits. ashtrays. etc.

• Never place objects inside the blower tubes; aNays direct the blowing de bris away from people. animals. glass. and solid objects such as trees. auto mobiles. walls. etc.

The force of air can cause rooks. dirt. or sticks to be thrown or to ricochet which can hurt people or animals. break glass. or cause other damage.

• Never use for spreading chemicals. fertilizers. or any other substances which may contain toxic materials.


• Stop the motor and disconnect the power source before opening the air inletdoor or attempting to insert or re move the vacuum tubes. The motor must be stopped and the impeller blades no longer turning to avoid seri ous injury from the rotating blades.

• Hard objects can be thrown through the coIJectionbag or the housing and become dangerous missiles which can cause serious Injury to the opera tor or others.

• When using the vacuum attachment. the unit is designed to pick up dry ma terial such as leaves. grass. smell

• Check air intake openings. elbow tube. and vacuumtubes frequently. al ways with the unit stopped and the power source disconnected.

Keep vents and tubes free of debris which can accumu[ste and restrictproperair flow. Do not use with any opening blocked.

Keep free of dust. lint. hair and anything that may reduce airflow.

STANDARDS This product is listed by Underwriters Laboratories. Inc. in accordance with UL Standard 1017. tf situations occur which are not cov ered inthis manual. use care and good judgment. Ifyou need assis tance. contact your Sears Service Center or call 1-800-235-5878.

Fail ure to follow all Safety Rules and Pre cautions can result in serious injury.


CARTON CONTENTS Model 358.799380 Blower Blower Tu be Nozzle 2 Vacuum Tubes Co[lection Bag Examine parts for damage. Do not use damaged parts.

NOTE: If you need assistance orflnd parts missing or damaged. call 1-800-235-5878.


WARN|NG: If received as sembled. repeat all steps to ensure your unit is properly assembled and all fasteners are secure.

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING YOUR UNIT AS A BLOWER NOTE: Assembly Instructions for using your unit as a vacuum follow this sec t{on.

ATTACHING THE BLOWER TUBE AND NOZZLE Ifyou have already assembled your unit for use as a Vacuum. remove the vacuum tubes and the collection bag.

• Insert the blower tube into the blower outlet.

• Twist the blower tube clockwise until it is firmly seated inthe blower outlet.

• Twist the nozzle into the end of the bidwartubeuntilitis firmly seated.

Make sure the nozzle points upward.

Bovr Outlet



ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING YOUR UNIT AS A VACUUM NOTE: Assembly instructionsfor using your unit as a blower is explained in the previous section.

4kWARNING: Stop the unit and dis connect from the power source before opening the inlet cover or attempting to insert or remove the inlet restriotoror vacuum tubes. The motor must be stopped and the impeller blades no longer turning to avoid serious injury from the rotating blades.

NOTE: If you have already assembled your unit for use as a blower. remove the blower tube and nozzle.

REMOVE THE INLET RESTRICTOR An inletrestrictoris used when using your unit as a blower. This restitctoris not used dudng vacuum use. and must be removed dudng essembly for vacu um use.

NOTE: Be sure to keep the inlet re strictor for usingyour unit as a blower.

• Open the inlet cover by insertingthe tip of a sorewddverintothe inletcover latcharea. and twistingthe screwdriver while pullingthe inletcover open.

Bottom view of unit

• Turn the inlet restrictorcountercrock wise and remove itfrom the unit.

Do not close the inlet door. You will next attach the vacuum tubes.

ATTACHING THE VACUUM TUBES There are 2 vacuum tubes. an upper and lower tube. The upper tube is cut straight on both ends. and attaches to the blower unit.The second tube is cut an at angle on the lower end. This


• While holding the inlet cover open. align the arrows and insert the vacu um tube into the opening. Twist the tube clockwise until it is seated. A second arrow on the vacuum tube will align with the arrow on the unit once the tube twisted completely in piaea.

Alignarrowsan tube& unit

• Attach the lower vacuum tube to the upper vacuum tube by aligning the arrows on the two tubes. Press the tubes together untilthe lower tube is fully seated in the upper tube. (About 3 inches)

Upper Tube

Lower Tube

ATTACH THE COLLECTION BAG Slide the opening of the collection bag over the blower outlet. Pull the strap with veloro tightlythrough the buckle and secure with velcro tabs.

NOTE: Make sure the strap with velcro is located on the blower outlet as shown. Also. make sure the zipper on the bag is completely closed.

Strap withVcro I'i

Bag Newer Outlet


• Carefully loopthe shoulder strap through the buckle as shown in the illustration below.

• Position the unit on your right.hand side. blower outlet and bag pointing toward the rear. Hold the unit in an upright position. and support the low er vacuum tube on the ground.

• Place the shoulder strap over your head and onto your left shoulder.

• Adiust the strap to aitow a tree flow of air from the blower. If the collection bag is kinked. the unit will not oper ate properly.

NOTE: The strap is designedto position the collectionbeg on your shoulder with out kinks.The strap is not intendedto supportthe weight of the unit.

Shoulder strap on [eft shouldel"

No kinksinba JI fow


• Stop unit and unplug the extension cord.

• Remove the vacuum tubes and collection bag.

• Install the inlet restrictorthat was re moved when assembling for vacuum use.

NOTE: If you are unable to locate the inlet restrictor. he unit will still operate.

This restrtctor improves the blower function.

• Close the inlet cover and make sure it is latched closed.

• Re-install the blower tubes. Reter to the section ATTACHINGTHE BLOWER TUBEAND NOZZLEfor instructions on how to attach these items.

EXTENSION CORD Use only a 120 A.C. voltage supply as shown on nameplate of the unit to power your edger.

The extension cord used to reach the power source must be:

• Specifically marked as suitable for outdoor use. The cord must be marked with the suffix '_/-A."

• Heavy enough to carry ourrent from the power source the full length of extension cord to the unit. Otherwise. lossof power and overheating can occur causing damage to unit. Refer to chert for minimum wire gauge rec ommendalions.

The cord must be marked with the proper wire gauge. (Appropriate extension cords are available.) Do not use multiple cords.

• In good condition. Cord Insulation must be intact with no cracks or deterioration.

Plug connectors must be undamaged.



100 FT. /f 16 * I A'W'G'* A'W'G" A'W'G'*

• American Wire Gauge

Securethe extensioncordto the unitby tyingthecord ontothe cordretainer. n sertthecord receptacleintothe re cessedpj.


READTHIS OPERATOR'S MANUALAND SAFETYRULESBEFOREOPERATINGYOUR UNIT. ompare the illustrationsto your unitto familiarize yourself with the location of the various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference.

Top Handle

On/Off Switch


AirVents Cdlectian Bag

Rear Handle Cord Retainer Inlet Cer Latch

UpperVacuumTube LowerVacuumTube

The ON/OFFSWITCH is used to acti open and close the inlet cover. vate the motor.

The NOZZLE is designed to direct the The INLET COVER LATCH is used to flow of air.


STARTING YOUR UNIT Your unit has two run positions. LOW and HIGH. Slide the switchto one of these positions to turn on the unit.

WARNING : Do not use the unit without the blower tubes. or collection bag properly attached to avoid flying debris and/or impeller contact which can cause serious injury. Always wear eye protection to prevent rocks or de bris from being blown or ricocheting into the eyes and face which can result in blindness or serious injury.

USING YOUR UNIT AS A BLOWER Use your unit as a blower for:

• Sweeping debris or grass clippings from driveways. sidewalks. patios. etc.

• Blowing grass clippings. straw. or leaves into piles. or removing debris

Be careful when working near plants.

The force of the air Could damage tender plants.

Eower Operating Position

USING YOUR UNIT AS A VACUUM Use your unit as a vacuum to pick up dry material such as leaves. grass. small twigs. and bitsof paper.

• For best results during vacuum use. operate your unit at high speed.

• Move slowly back and forth over the material as you vacuum. Avoid forc ingthe unit into a pile of debris as this can clog the unit.

• Keep the vacuum tube about an inch above the ground for best results.

NOTE: Ifthe unit becomes clogged. stop the unitand disconnect the exten sion cord. Wait untilthe impeller has completely stopped turning. then re move the vacuum tubes. Carefully reach into the vacuum opening and clear out the clogged debris.



• You must properly empty and main tain the collection bag to avoid dete rioration and obstructionof air flow.

• Remove the collection bag from the unit and empty after each use. Do not store bag containing leaves. grass. etc.

• Wash the bag once a year. Remove the bag from the blower and turn the bag inside out. Wash the bag with a water hose. AllOWthe bag to hang and dry before you reuse the bag.

VacuumOperating Position


Check for Loose fasteners and parts Before each use Check for damaged or worn parts Before each use Clean unit and labels After each use

Clean Collection Bag Yearly

G EN ERAL RECOMME NDATIONS The warranty on this unit does not cov er items that have been subjected to operator abuse or negligence. To re osive fult value from the warranty. the operator must maintain unitas instruct ed in this manual. Various adjustments will need to be made periodically to properly maintain your unit.


• Inlet Cover

• Blower Tube

• Nozzle

• Vacuum Tubes

• Collection Bag CHECK FOR DAMAGED OR WORN PARTS Refer replacement of damaged/worn


• Clean the unit using a damp cloth with a mild detergent.

• Wipe oft unit with a clean dry cloth.



• Remove the bag and empty after each use. Do not store bag without emptying the bag of all contents.

• Wash the bag once a year by turning inside out and washing with a water hose. Be sure to let bag dry com pletely before re-using the unit.

HOWTOREMOVE ANOBJECT FROMTHEAIRINTAKE NOTE:Iftheunitbecomes clogged. or anobjectisdrawnintotheair intake. stopthe unit and disconnect the exten sion cord. Wait untilthe impeller has completely stopped turning. then re move the vacuum tubes. Caretuily reach into the vacuum opening and clear out the air intake area.

Inspect the impeller for cracks. If cracked or damaged. do not use the


Vacuum Tube Bet

Inlet Restnctor

Nozzle ..

Collection Bag

Gutter Kit Safety Glasses .

Extension Cord .

534852705 530402490 530402045 530402461 530402583 . 71-79997 . 71-85707 . 71-5702

Prepare unit for storage at the end of the season or if itwill not be used for 30 days or more.


• Secure the unit before storing or transporting.

• Store unit with all guards in place.

Position unit so that any sharp object cannot accidentally cause injury.

• Store unit well out of the reach of children.


• Disconnect from the power source.

• Clean the entire unit.

• Open inlet cover and clean any dirt.



Unit fails to Switch inthe OFF position. =Slide switchto ON position. operate.

• Extension Cord Disconnected •Reconnect extension cord.

Circuit breaker tripped. or fuse •Reset circuit breaker or fuse. blown

• Mechanical failure Contact your Sears Service Center.

Unit Mechanical failure •Contact your Sears Service vibrates Center abnormally.

Impeller will •Debris in air intake area. •Clean unit. Remove any notturn Mechanical failure debris. freely. •Contact your Sears Service Center

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