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User care Rockford Fosgate P1000X5 Amplifier

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Specifications
  • Design Features
  • Installation
  • Installation Considerations
  • Mounting Locations
  • Battery and Charging
  • Wiring the System
  • Operation
  • Clip Indicator Setup
  • Adjusting Crossover Frequency
  • Channel Switch
  • Subwoofer Input Switch
  • Infrasonic Filter
  • Punch EQ
  • Troubleshooting
  • Limited Warranty Information

Infrasonic Filter

A fixed 28Hz 12dB/octave filter designed to prevent frequencies below the audio range from being applied to the subwoofer from the amplifier. Consequently improving subwoofer performance and power handling, particularly in vented enclosures. (P500X1BD, P10001BD, P1000X5)

Before beginning any installation, follow these simple rules:

  1. Be sure to carefully read and understand the instructions before attempting to install the unit.
  2. For safety, disconnect the negative lead from the battery prior to beginning the installation.
  3. For easier assembly, we suggest you run all wires prior to mounting your unit in place.
  4. Route all of the RCA cables close together and away from any high current wires.
  5. Use high quality connectors for a reliable installation and to minimize signal or power loss.

Adjusting Crossover Frequency

Do the following individually for each channel.

Placing the crossover switch in the HP position sets the amplifier to the High

Pass mode, enabling frequencies above the cut-off point to pass, adjust- able between 50-250Hz.

Placing the crossover switch in the AP position sets the amplifier to the All Pass mode, preventing any crossover adjustment, allowing all frequencies to pass.

Placing the crossover switch in the LP position sets the amplifier to the Low Pass mode, enabling frequencies below the cut-off point to pass, adjustable between 50-250Hz.

Turn the crossover adjustment knob all the way down. With the system playing, turn the crossover adjustment knob up slowly until the desired crossover point is achieved.

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