Honda 2021 CRF250RX Off-road Competition

User Manual

For 2021 CRF250RX.

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Honda 2021 CRF250RX Questions and Answers

#1 How do I know when to have my Honda product serviced?

Please see the maintenance section of your owner's manual.
The service intervals in the maintenance schedule are based on
average riding conditions. Some items will need more frequent
service if you ride in unusually wet or dusty areas or at full
throttle. Consult your Honda dealer for recommendations
applicable to your individual needs and use.

#2 How can I get a replacement key?

You can order replacement keys through your local Honda
dealer. The dealer will need your key code to cut the key. If you
do not have the key code we first recommend contacting your
original selling dealer since they may have recorded this
information at the time of sale. American Honda is unable to
provide a key code that corresponds with your VIN. If you are
still unable to find your key code please contact you local Honda
dealer for further assistance in obtaining a duplicate key.