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Let the power cord be replaced by the manufacturer, his service agent or other accordingly
qualified people, in case it is damaged.
Do not…
Touch the was h er door dur i ng the washing p r oc e ss, i t gets h o t.
Place heavy objects or sources of heat or damp on top of the appliance.
Hot wash from rubber or sponge-like materials
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Force the w asher d o o r t o open, th e d oo r ed with a sel f -l o ck d e vi c e and wil l open shor t l y
he washing procedure is ended.
Open the washer door if the water level is visibly over the porthole.
Cover the washing machine with c cover so that the washing machine can dry out when not in use
Saving Tips
Achieve the best use of energy, water, detergent e by using the recommended
maximum load size
Do not exceed the detergent dosages indicated in the manufacturer’s instruc ns.
Save me by n speed to reduce the water content in laundry
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Choose the correct washing temperature. Modern detergents can wash with very good result
already in lower temperature than 60°C. Only use higher temperature than 60°C for very dirty
electricity, and for safety. Wipe clean the lower part of th
e porthole.


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