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Problem Causes Solu ons
Trouble-Shoo ng
Power failure.
The washer door is not properly closed.
Machine has not been switched on.
Check the power supply.
Close the washer door properly.
Make sure the machine is switched on.
Water tap is not turned on.
Water pressure is less than 0,03 MPa.
The inlet hose is kinked.
Water supply failure.
The program knob is not properly set.
The washer door is not properly closed.
ter is blocked.
Turn on the water tap.
Check water pressure.
Check the inlet hose.
Ensure the water supply.
Set the program knob properly.
Close the washer door properly.
The height of the drain hose is below
80 cm.
The drain hose is in water.
Drain hose is blocked.
Drain hose end is higher than 100 cm
ter is blocked.
Washing machine is located on an uneven
surfaceor is not level.
Machine load is over 7/8/10kg.
Water or electricity failure.
Install drain hose within 80-100 cm
of height.
Make sure the drain hose is not in
Unblock the drain hose.
Make sure the drain hose end is lower
than 100 cm abov
Make sure the washing machine is on
an even surface and levelled.
Reduce amount of laundry in the
Check the power supply or water
Washing machine gives an error message.
Washing machine is in soaking cycle?
The detergent is not a low-foaming type or
for manual wash.
Excessive use of detergent.
Unbalance of the laundry
Check display codes.
Check if your detergent is appropriate.
Reduce amount of detergent in the
This is normal and doesn't a ect the
Add clothes or run a spinning
program again.
Washing machine fails to operate.
Washing machine c
with water.
Machine is draining while being
Drainage failure.
wash cycle.
Excessive foam in the drum, which is
Spinning fails


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