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Cleaning and Care
A er washing
Turn o the water supply and remove the electrical plug
each wash. Open the washer door to prevent
on of moisture and odors. If the washing
machine is
idle for a long period, drain the water
in the machine and replace the drain hose.
Cleaning the detergent drawer
Clean the detergent distribu on drawer regularly.
Pull out the dra
sh it clean with water and then replace it.
Cleaning the machine
Unplug the machine during cleaning and maintenance. Use a so cloth dampened with soap liquid to
clean the machine case and rubber components. Do not use
organic chemicals or corrosive solvents.
Clean the lter once a month:
Open the bo
om cover.
ter by turning counterclockwise.
r clean with running water.
ter by turning clockwise and remount the cover.
r must be in place, or it may lead to leakage.
Place a container under th ter, to collect any excess water that may come out
of the drain pump
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