Haier HWF75AW1 - 7.5 kg Front Load Washing Machine

User Manual - Page 2

For HWF75AW1. Also, The document are for others Haier models: HWF85AW1

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Thanks for purchasing a Haier Product
Please read these in ons carefully before using this appliance. The ins ons contain
important informa
on which will help you get the best out of the appliance and ensure safe and
proper installa
on, use and maintenance.
Keep this manual in a convenient place so you can always refer to it for the safe and proper use of
the appliance.
If you sell the appliance, give it away, or leave it behind when you move house, make sure you also
pass on this manual so that the new owner can become familiar with the applian
ce and safety
Check the accessories and literature in accordance with this list:
1x User Manual
1x Bo
om Cover
1x Drain hose brocket
5x Blanking Plugs
1x Inlet hose assembly
User Manual HWF75AW1
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