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Preparing the Laundry
Sort out clothes according to fabric (c
how dirty they are.
Separate white clothes from colored ones. Wash them
rst by hand to check
if they fade or run.
Empty pockets (keys, coins, etc.) and
(e.g. brooches).
which user has to pay by him and can cause damage in the machine.
washing machine).
Close zippers and hooks, make sure
place small items such as socks, belts, bras, etc. in the wash bag.
Unfold large pieces of fabric such as bed sheets, bedspreads, etc.
Turn shirts inside out.
Loading the appliance
Open the washer door put in the laundry piece by piece. Close the
t using the washing machine, let it run unloaded for one
program to prevent the laundry from being tainted by oil or dirty
water from the washing machine. Before washing you should run
the machine without laundry, but with detergent, with 60°C
Do not overload the washing machine.
Sele ng Detergent
The wa cy and the performance is determined by the quality of detergent used. Special
non-foaming detergent produces good washing results. Use spe
etergents for synthe
woollen goods. Do not use dry cleaning agents such as trichloroethylene and similar products.
Do not add more detergent than needed; otherwise, it may cause the situa ons as following
and washing machine malfun
on imp g washing machine’s life.


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