Use Manual Whirlpool Absolute AMW 730/NB Built-In Microwave in Black

Whirlpool Absolute AMW 730/NB Built-In Microwave in Black - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.
DO NOT HEAT OR USE FLAMMABLE MATE- RIALS in or near the oven. Fumes can create a fire hazard or cause an explosion. DO NOT USE YOUR MICROWAVE oven for drying textiles, paper, spic- es, herbs, wood, flowers, fruit or other combustible materials. Risk of fire. IF MATERIAL INSIDE / OUTSIDE THE OVEN SHOULD IGNITE OR SMOKE IS OBSERVED, keep oven door closed and turn the oven off. Unplug the power cord or shut off the power at the fuse or circuit breaker panel. DO NOT OVERCOOK FOOD. Risk of fire. DO NOT LEAVE THE OVEN UNATTEND- ED, especially when using paper, plastic or other combustible ma- terials in the cooking process. Paper can char or burn and some plastics can melt if used when heating foods. DO NOT USE corrosive chemicals or vapours in this a

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