The Unexpected Uses That Microwave Ovens Give You

For those who love to cook and do not have too much free time, the microwave oven is an indispensable device in your kitchen. Microwaves are widely regarded by many consumers as one of the most effective cooking methods available today. But the fact that a microwave oven gives you many uses and benefits that you never expected. Did you know that microwaves bring any unexpected benefits? Join us to find out right now!

Loosen honey

If you buy honey but forget to use it for a long time or have not used it, then when it has been a long time, honey will be easily lumped, but you do not need to worry because if you open the lid. And put that honey jar inside the microwave on medium heat for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and you have successfully loosened the honey as usual.

Disinfect and deodorize the sponge

Sponges are a great aid to you in cleaning all kinds of kitchen utensils every day, but they are very susceptible to foreign odors. You often throw them away without thinking that they are still there can continue to be used thanks to the magic microwave. All you need to do to effectively deodorize, disinfect and bring the sponges back to the main kitchen is to soak them in water with a little white vinegar or lemon juice, and microwave them for about 1 minute at a high temperature.

Disinfecting plastic cutting boards

Cutting boards are a familiar kitchen tool, you don't just use them to cut raw foods like red meat, vegetables, and fruits. Before processing, but also for cooked (processed) items, so before you use a cutting board to cut a cooked food, it's important to disinfect it. However, you can sterilize them simply without spending too much time with the handy microwave.

All you need to do is use a few slices of lemon to scrub the surface of the cutting board thoroughly, then microwave it, then heat it up for a minute, so you can use it with peace of mind.

Squeeze oranges, lemons are more water

You often think that storing oranges and lemons in the refrigerator will keep them fresh and not wilted, but you did not notice that the refrigerator is the reason to affect their juice because of the real foods. This product if stored for a long time in the refrigerator will often become hard, and prevent you from squeezing much water. So, to fix this, you put the orange, lemon in the microwave for 30 seconds and then let it cool for 1 minute before squeezing, making sure you will get a lot more juice than that.

Peel off the garlic super speed

If you find garlic peeling annoying because they not only make your fingertips smelly, sometimes you also have to take a lot of time to carefully use a knife to peel each clove of garlic to protect your fingertips. Luckily, if you own a microwave oven, you can take advantage of this miracle product to make the shell easy to peel off with minimal effort. Microwave the garlic cloves, let it spin for about 10 seconds so that the heat and steam are evaporated from the garlic, then just gently peel off the garlic skin.

Cut onions without stinging eyes

Cutting onions is a job that makes many people miserable, even cutting and looking elsewhere is easy to accidentally cut into the hand. Especially every time the onion vapor rises in your eyes, you will definitely not see anything. However, there is a way to help you do not have to struggle with them but instead, try using the microwave right away to "treat" these onions. The first step you need to do is to cut the ends of the onion, then peel off the outer skin and put in the oven for 30 seconds. Just wait 30 seconds in the microwave and you can take it out and chop it as usual.

Soften beans quickly

If you are looking for an immediate challenge with recipes for family and friends but the dish requires the use of beans that have been soaked overnight while you only have hard beans like "ice".

Do not worry too much, there is a way to help you handle this situation within 10 minutes with the magic microwave. First you just need to put the beans in a bowl with some baking soda that has been filled with water, then turn on the oven temperature to the highest for 10 minutes, finally take it out and let it cool in  About 40 minutes you will be able to use immediately.

Melts chocolate quickly

If you are thinking of making use of the delicious chocolate flavor for baking, you can use the microwave to simply melt the chocolate without burning it instead of wasting time the annoying water heating. All you need are chocolate bars and a heat-resistant glass bowl, then put the chocolate in the bowl and microwave them on medium heat for 2 -  2.5 minutes you can use. Note that after you take the chocolate out of the oven, you should stir well to make the chocolate melt better.

Fast powder incubation

If you used to have to wait an hour before making a cake just because the flour is not fermented, now you will know a secret to making super-fermented flour in just 15 minutes is using the magic microwave! Put the dough to ferment in a large bowl, then seal it with food wrap before microwave, next to that large bowl, put a cup of clean water and use the heat low for 3 minutes of recording time, followed by a 3 minute break, then again for 3 more minutes. When finished, wait about 5 minutes and take out the dough. You will be surprised with the double amount of flour.

Warm up pain oil bottles

You can use the microwave to heat up oils for headaches and back pain such as: green oil, hot oil. However, you should not try with metal bottles!

Great beauty treatment

Microwaves can help you with great beauty care, such as being able to warm hair oil packs, moisturizing masks to help nutrients more easily penetrate into your skin. First, you put these products in the oven and set the average reheat temperature for 10 to 20 seconds and you are ready to go.

Soften dry bread

Long-standing bread will be hardened, to overcome this problem, users can wrap the loaf or slice of bread in a clean damp towel, use the toaster for 10 seconds. Repeat a few times until the bread is soft again.

Microwaves have many uses in everyday life, making your cooking simpler. Hopefully this article will help you take advantage of more of the uses of strange microwave ovens.

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