How Many Types of Ovens?

Before you purchase an oven for the kitchen, you need to decide which type of ovens that you want first. When you have chosen an ideal type, it is much easier to make a decision. So how many types of ovens? Check it out in this article!

How many types of ovens?

Ovens are divided into different types and the main types for built-in ovens are single ovens, double ovens, double built-under ovens and compact ovens. Besides, you get to choose between gas or electric ovens as well. The height is different, but they have almost the same width. And it’s obvious that single ovens are less expensive. The more money you are willing to spend, the more features you get from the oven. However, it depends on how often you use the appliance and what type of food you normally cook, you might or might not need a lot of features. If you don’t know what type of ovens you need for your kitchen, check out the list as below:

GE Ovens

Single ovens

Again, your cooking plays an important role while choosing a suitable oven for the kitchen. If you don’t cook very often and for many people, a single oven will be enough. However, if you have to cook for a big family, you need to opt for a double oven. 
There is only one oven in single ovens for you to bake, roast and grill in. The capacity is enough to cook anything for a small family. Besides, they are around 60cm tall so you can put them anywhere in your kitchen, like under a counter or in a cabinet. 

The good thing about single ovens is that it is easy for you to find a good model while you go shopping as there are plenty of them in the market, especially electric models. However, it can be inconvenient when you have a lot of cooking to do, when your house has people coming over, for example.

Double ovens

As you can tell from the title, double ovens have two ovens in one unit. This allows you to cook different meals at the same time. Double ovens come with a grill in the smaller top oven and some models even have one in the main oven. They are about 90cm tall and therefore, cabinets are the right spot for them. 

The biggest benefit when using double ovens is that you can use the grill in the top oven and the main oven simultaneously. This type of oven allows you to cook dishes that need different oven temperatures at the same time. However, double ovens take up more space in the kitchen and you have less options to choose from. 

Single compact ovens 

If you are living in a small apartment, a single compact oven is a better choice because it is about 45cm tall, and has the same size as a microwave. There is a grill inside the oven as well. Compact ovens are ideal for smaller spaces in the kitchen. However, they are smaller than most types of oven, so it is difficult to cook a holiday dinner with a compact oven.

Double built-under ovens

If you have a small kitchen, but you want two ovens to cook big meals, a double built-under oven is the right choice for you. They are around 72cm tall and you can put them in an undercounter unit. With this type of oven, you don’t need a lot of space in the kitchen while can still enjoy the flexibility of having two ovens. However, the main oven might be smaller than you expect. 

Hotpoint DU2540IX Double built-under ovens

Hotpoint DU2540IX Double built-under ovens

Electric ovens

When choosing the right oven for your kitchen, you also need to consider the type of fuel that you want to cook with. The most popular type is electric ovens. Keep in mind that any type of ovens needs to be installed by a professional. 

When you cook with an electric oven, the heat will be distributed all around the unit, especially one with a fan. Besides, compared to gas ovens, electric ones tend to stay at a more accurate temperature. And another advantage is that there are many different models in the market for you to choose from. However, you will have to pay a higher bill when you run an electric oven. 

Gas ovens 

Although gas ovens are not very popular in the market, you can still find some good models. When using a gas oven, the fuel cost will be cheap, so you can save money. However, gas ovens don’t keep to the set temperature effectively and distribute heat well all around the oven.

What are the other oven features?

So you have learned how many types of ovens, now you should know about other important features of the oven. First of all, you need to pay attention to timers and clocks. This feature is helpful for those who always forget about food while they cook. It also prevents fires in case the food is burnt. When you set the timer while cooking, the ovens will turn off as the timer runs out. This is a very important feature to consider when buying an oven.

In addition, you need to check if the oven offers different heating settings. Each food requires a different temperature and method. So it is crucial to find a model that allows for all sorts of different settings. You might think that you don’t need it, this feature will be handy at some points. You should look for an oven with settings for bake, grill, preheat and defrost.

Moreover, delayed start should be taken into consideration as well. It lets you pick a time for the oven to start cooking. That means you can set to cook your food at a time when electricity prices are lower, or you can set a meal to cook at a given time so that it will be ready when you come home. Also, you should be able to rearrange trays in the oven while you cook different meals. 

When you have decided which type of oven you want to buy for your kitchen, you need to take a look at these features. So how many types of ovens do you know?

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