LG WM3900HBA 4.5 cu.ft. Smart wi-fi Enabled Front Load Washer with TurboWash™ 360 Technology - Use Manual

LG WM3900HBA 4.5 cu.ft. Smart wi-fi Enabled Front Load Washer with TurboWash™ 360 Technology - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.




Using the Washer

WARNING • To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, read the SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS before operating this appliance.

1. Sort Laundry and Load the Washer

Sort laundry by fabric type, soil level, color and load size, as needed. Open the door and load items into the washer. If using detergent pods, place pod in drum before loading laundry.

2. Add Cleaning Products.

Add the proper amount of HE (High-Efficiency) detergent to the detergent dispenser. If desired, add bleach or fabric softener to the appropriate areas of the dispenser drawer. Do not place liquid or powdered detergent pods in the dispenser.

3. Turn on the Washer

Press the Power button to turn on the washer. The lights above the cycle buttons will illuminate and a chime will sound.

4. Select a Cycle

Turn the Cycle Selector Knob until the desired cycle is selected. The preset Temp., Spin, Soil and option settings for that cycle will be shown. Pressing the Start/Pause button without selecting a cycle will cause the Normal cycle to begin immediately.

5 Adjust Settings

Default settings for the selected cycle can now be changed, if desired, using the cycle modifier and option buttons.

• Not all modifiers and options are available on all cycles. A different chime will sound and the LED will not come on if the selection is not allowed.

6. Begin Cycle

Press the Start/Pause button to begin the cycle. The washer will agitate briefly without water to measure the weight of the load. If the Start/Pause button is not pressed within 60 minutes, the washer will shut off and all settings will be lost.

7. End of Cycle

When the cycle is finished, a melody will sound. Immediately remove your clothing from the washer to reduce wrinkling. Check around the door seal when removing the load for small items that may be caught in the seal.


The washer rotates the laundry in a way that allows it to use less water while still fully saturati

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