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  • Quick setup guide: Español - (Spanish) Download
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  • Warranty: English - (English) Download
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USB-C powered laptops
• MacBooks
• iPads
Other USB or USB-C powered devices
65W USB-C output with Power Delivery 3.0 charges most
USB-C laptops and other devices
7.5W USB port lets you charge an additional device
8 ft. (2.4 m) cable oers exible placement options
One built-in foldable AC power plug for US outlets with
3 additional interchangeable plugs to t most outlets
1 Make sure that your device is compatible before use. Check
the documentation that came with your device. Incorrect use
could damage your device.
2 Find the power outlet that you want to connect your device to
in the table, then choose the adapter that ts that outlet.
3 If connecting to a US outlet (with at parallel blades),
pull the blades out of the adapter.
Note: If another plug is connected, slide it o to pull the blades out
of the adapter.
USB-C Laptop
Before using your new product, please read these instructions to prevent any damage.
• Charger
Interchangeable plugs (EU, UK, AU)
Note: The US plug is attached to the adapter.
8 ft. (2.4 m) USB-C to USB-C cable
(supports up to 5 Amps)
• Travel pouch
Quick Setup Guide
CAUTION: This adapter does not convert voltage. To avoid
damaging your device, make sure that the power outlet you
intend to use has the correct voltage rating to run your device
BEFORE using this adapter.
Input AC voltage: 100~240 V.
If connecting to an EU, UK, or AU outlet, fold the US blades
into the adapter (A), align the appropriate plug, then slide
it into place (B) until you hear a click.
4 Connect a USB cable from the adapter to your device, then
connect the adapter to a power outlet, to use or charge
your device as usual.
Round pin
Flat angled blades
3-prong blades
Type C electrical plug
European countries
Type I electrical plug
Australia and New Zealand
Type G electrical plug
United Kingdom
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