Moosoo MT-720 Robot Vacuum 1800Pa Powerful Suction

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For MT-720.

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Moosoo MT-720 Questions and Answers

#1 What will you get in the package?

MOOSOO MT-720 robot vacuum cleaner, power adapter,
charging base, cleaning brush, 2 bonus side brushes, 1 bonus HEPA, remote controller, user manual, 24-month warranty.

#2 Does this model have an edge cleaning mode?

Yes, it does. With the remote you set select edge cleaning,
clean a particular spot or all over cleaning. Also, I have pet
gates, I raised them about 2 inches and with the slim design, it glides under them with abreeze to clean the kitchen and bedroom

#3 I would like this to pick up pet dander to reduce allergies. Does the filter do this. Does it use a hepa filter?

Yes, this robot vacuum use Washable HEPA filter. It traps the tiny particles that pets drag in, capturing up to 99% of dust mites and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. I can say goodbye to the things that make me sneeze and itch.

#4 How often do you have to clean the filter?

After every "long-time" (an hour or longer) use. I dump the pet
hair and lint and tap the dust from the filter. After about four
uses I do a more thorough cleaning of the filter.

#5 Can you schedule it?

Yes. I set it to come on for a certain time everyday. Still getting to know all the functions. Amazing little machine

#6 What's difference amaong moosoo, eufy and goovi,from the
page they don't seem to make a difference?

What's you said is right,the machines themselves are not
very different,I prefer the appearance of MOOSOO,I have to
say that the service of MOOSOO is far better than that of
any other,as for GOOVI,a paid and late service is set up, you can try that,and for EUFY,the internet hit robotic vacuum which most first-time buyers choose,but that doesn't mean he's the best,you might as well check out his bad reviews,you will got what i mean.

#7 Does this robot vacuum work on medium pile carpets?

I only have 1 room of carpet (the rest are tile and hardwoods) and it does fine. I will say, that my dog sheds ALOT so I have to clean the brushes often when I put it in that room. It works fine on my rugs though.

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