User Manual JBL Studio 190 400watt, Threeway Floorstanding Loudspeaker

JBL Studio 190 400watt, Threeway Floorstanding Loudspeaker - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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Owner’s manual loudspeakers for JBL Studio 190


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CAUTION: Make sure that all of the system’s electrical components are turned OFF (and preferably unplugged from their AC outlets) before making any connections.

  • Speakers and amplifiers have corresponding positive and negative (“+” and “–”) connection terminals. All Studio 1 series speakers have connection terminals that are marked “+” and “–” on the terminal-cup assembly. Additionally, the “+” terminals have red markings, while the “–” terminals have black markings.
  • To ensure proper polarity, connect each “+” terminal on the back of the amplifier or receiver to the respective “+” (red) terminal on each speaker. Connect the “–” terminals in a similar way. Do not reverse polarities (i.e., “+” to “–” or “–” to “+”) when making connections. Doing so will cause poor stereo imaging and diminished bass performance.

Basic Single-Wire Connection

  • Connect the amplifier to each speaker as shown in the illustration below.
  • For the Studio 190 and Studio 180 speakers, you can use either set of terminals on the connector panel

Bi-Wire Connection (Studio 190/Studio 180)

The Studio 190 and Studio 180 connection assemblies have two sets of input terminals that are connected by metal jumper bars. The upper set of terminals is for the midrange/tweeter, and the lower set of terminals is for the woofer(s). This arrangement allows you to bi-wire the speakers using a single stereo amplifier or using two stereo amplifiers. Bi-wiring can offer sonic advantages and more flexibility in power-amplifier selection over a conventional single-wire connection.

Before bi-wiring the speakers, remove the jumper bars.

Caring for Your Speakers

  • Wipe the cabinet with a clean, dry

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