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User Guide JBL Studio 570  Floorstanding Speaker

To insert the spikes:

  • Gently lay the speaker on its side (not its front or back) on a soft, nonabrasive surface.
  • Unscrew and remove the rubber bumpers from the speaker’s feet.
  • Screw each spike into the threaded insert in each foot. Make sure all four spikes are screwed in completely for stability.


  • NEVER drag the speaker to move it, as this will damage the spikes, the feet and/or the speaker cabinet itself.
  • Always lift the speaker and carry it to its new location.

Bi-Wire Connection

  • All Studio 5 series speaker connector panels have two sets of input connectors that are joined by metal jumper bars.
  • The upper set of connectors is for the compression-driver/horn assembly, and the lower set of connectors is for the woofer(s).
  • This arrangement allows you to bi-wire the speakers using a single stereo amplifier or using two stereo amplifiers.
  • Bi-wiring can offer performance advantages and more flexibility in power-amplifier selection over a conventional single-wire connection.

Caring for Your Speakers

  1.  Wipe the cabinet with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust. Damp cloth may dull the cabinet’s finish. Do not use volatile liquids such as benzene, paint thinner or alcohol on the cabinet.
  2. Do not spray insecticide near the cabinet. 
  3. To remove dust from the grille fabric, use a vacuum cleaner set to low suction.
  4. Never apply suction or pressurized air to the horn opening.
  5. Do not wash the grilles in water, as it may fade the color or make it uneven.


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