Use Manual Samsung DVE50R5400W/A3 7.4 cu. ft. Electric Dryer

Samsung DVE50R5400W/A3 7.4 cu. ft. Electric Dryer - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Owner's manual - (English, Spanish)

Electric Dryer User Manual Samsung model DVE50R5400W/A3
Table Of Contents

  • Safety information
  • What you need to know about the safety instructions
  • Important safety symbols
  • Important safety precautions
  • Warnings
  • Cautions
  • Installation requirements
  • Key installation requirements
  • Location considerations
  • Ducting requirements
  • Exhausting requirements
  • Gas requirements
  • Electrical requirements
  • Installation
  • What’s included
  • Step-by-step installation
  • Vent blockage test
  • Exhaust ducting guide
  • Switching the door position
  • Before you start
  • Sort and load
  • Functional prerequisite
  • Operations
  • Control panel
  • Simple steps to start
  • Cycle overview
  • Cycle chart
  • Cycle guide
  • Special features


Vent blockage test

  • After the dryer is installed, start the Vent Blockage Test to check if the duct system is properly installed. The Vent Blockage Test automatically detects the status of the ducts and reports any blockage or problems. Proper ducting can reduce drying time and save energy.

Running the vent blockage test

  • Make sure the drum is empty, and then close the door. (If there are any clothes or other items in the drum, the test will not give accurate results.)
  • Press the Power button to turn the dryer on, then simultaneously press and hold the Adjust Time and Dryness buttons for 3 seconds. “InS or In” appears in the dryer’s display. (If you have started other procedures before the Vent Blockage Test, the dryer will not enter the Vent Blockage Test mode.)
  • Press the Start/Pause (Hold to Start) button. The Vent Blockage Test starts immediately.
  • During the test, the number indicator makes a circle in 6 clockwise steps. The test takes about 2 minutes. Do not open the door during the test.
  • After 2 minutes, when the test is complete, the results are displayed and the dryer sounds a tone. If status of the duct system is normal, “0” appears and the dryer sounds a completion tone. If the duct system cannot exhaust properly, the check code appears, and the dryer sounds an alarm

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