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1. Information about these operating instructions
Thank you for choosing our product. We hope you enjoy using this device.
Read the safety instructions carefully before using the device for the first time. Note the
warnings on the device and in the operating instructions.
Always keep the operating instructions close to hand. If you sell the device or give it away,
please ensure that you also pass on these operating instructions. They are an essential component
of the product.
1.1. Key to symbols
If a block of text is marked with one of the warning symbols listed below, the hazard described in
that text must be avoided to prevent the potential consequences described there from occurring.
Warning: risk of fatal injury!
Warning: risk of possible fatal injury and/or serious irreversible injuries!
Warning: risk of minor and/or moderate injuries!
Follow with these instructions to prevent damage to the device!
More detailed information about using the device.
Comply with the notes in the operating instructions.
Due to the 5 GHz frequency range of the wireless LAN solution used, the device may
only be used inside buildings in the EU.
Warning: risk of electric shock!
Warning: danger due to loud volume!
Bullet point/information on steps when the device is in use
Instruction to be carried out
Declaration of Conformity (see "EU declaration of conformity" section): Products that feature
this symbol meet the requirements of the EC directives.
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