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3. Safety information
3.1. Operating safety
Before using the device for the first time, check the device for damage. A defective or
damaged device may not be operated.
This device may be used by children over the age of 8 and by persons with limited
physical, sensory or mental abilities or by those without experience and knowledge, if
they are supervised or have been instructed in the safe use of the device and have un-
derstood the dangers that result from it.
Children must not be allowed to play with the device. Cleaning and maintenance by
purchasers must not be carried out by children unless they are supervised.
Risk of choking and suffocation!
The packaging material is not a toy! Packaging film can be swallowed or used im-
properly, creating a risk of choking and suffocation.
Keep packaging material such as plastic film or plastic bags away from children.
Risk of electric shock!
Risk of electric shock, short circuit and fire!
Never open the housing of the Smart TV and do not push objects inside the
Smart TV through the slots and openings.
Overheating! Risk of fire!
Overheating may result in damage to the Smart TV and the risk of fire!
The slots and openings on the TV set are for ventilation purposes. Do not cover
these openings, for example with newspapers, table cloths, curtains etc.
Do not subject the display to pressure. There is a risk of the screen glass breaking.
The remote control has a Class 1 infrared diode. Never use optical equipment to look
at the LED.
Risk of injury!
Risk of injury due to broken display!
Do not touch the display with fingers or sharp objects to avoid damage.
Use protective gloves when wrapping up cracked parts.
Wash your hands with soap afterwards, as the risk of chemicals escaping cannot be exclu-
Send the broken parts to your Service Centre for proper disposal.
Disconnect the device from the mains supply immediately and only use it again after it
has been checked by a qualified person or customer services. It is an emergency situation
if, for example, the device produces smoke or unusual noises, water has penetrated the
device, the mains cable or housing is damaged.
Contact customer services if:
the mains cable is burnt or damaged
liquid has penetrated the device
the device is not operating correctly
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