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49-5000468 Rev. 0 7
Features and appearance may vary.
Icons on the remote control indicate the selected settings
1. Insert the two batteries (provided).
2. Aim the remote control at the signal receiver on the
control panel to operate the air conditioner.
A. Power
Turns ON/OFF power to the air conditioner.
NOTE: Turning off power by pressing the Power button does
NOT disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
Press the Power button. The Power indicator will illuminate.
B. Mode
Press the Mode button to toggle among the operating
options. The corresponding indicator will illuminate:
Heat (on some models) - Heats the room to the set
Cool – Cools the room to the set temperature
DRY – Reduces the humidity in the room
Fan – Circulates the air in the room without cooling
C. Temperature
Adjusts the Temperature or Hours in Time Delay.
To Set the Temperature:
The temperature can be set between 61ºF and 89ºF (17ºC
and 30º C) when the air conditioner is in Cool mode.
1. Press the Mode button until the Cool mode is selected.
2. Press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow buttons to select the
NOTE: The temperature cannot be set when the air
conditioner is in either Fan or DRY mode.
NOTE: The Up Arrow and Down Arrow buttons, when pressed
at the same time, allow you to select between displaying
the temperature in ºC or ºF. The corresponding indicator will
D. Fan Speed
The fan speed can be adjusted from Low, Medium, to High
speed when the air conditioner is in operation.
NOTE: The fan speed cannot be adjusted when the unit is in
DRY mode.
Press the Fan Speed button to toggle among the three speeds.
The corresponding fan speed indicator will illuminate.
E. Timer
Program a time from (1-hour to 24-hours) for the air conditioner
to turn Off or On. When a Time Delay is programmed, the
Timer indicator light will illuminate.
F. Swing Button
The louvers on your portable air conditioner will open
automatically (do not pry them open or push them shut).
Use the Swing Button on your remote to adjust the louvers
in the position you would like them to be in, or to operate in
Swing mode the louvers will continue to move up and down.
Swing Fan Speed
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