Haier QPCA12YZMW Portable Air Conditioner

User Manual - Page 14

For QPCA12YZMW. Also, The document are for others Haier models: QPCA09, QPCA10, QPCA12

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14 49-5000468 Rev. 0
Problem Possible Causes Solution
Unit does not start or
Power supply cord is not plugged into an
Plug the power cord into a grounded 3 prong
Power supply cord has tripped. Press and release the RESET button on the power
supply cord.
The Power button has not been pressed. Press the Power button on the Control Panel or
Remote Control to turn ON the air conditioner.
There is no power to the electrical outlet. Plug a working lamp into the outlet to check for
A household fuse has blown or a circuit
breaker has tripped.
Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.
The control was programmed for a Time
Cancel the Time Delay. See “Control Panel.
The batteries in the remote control are dead. Replace the batteries.
The internal water tank is full.
NOTE: The air conditioner automatically
turns off, and the Water Full indicator
illuminates to alert you of this condition.
Empty the water tank. See “Air Conditioner
Remote control is not
Batteries are dead. Replace the batteries.
Batteries are installed incorrectly. Make sure the batteries are inserted in the
correct position.
Air conditioner is
working but the room
is not cooling.
The room temperature is hot.
NOTE: On extremely hot and humid days,the
air conditioner will take longer to cool the
Allow time for the room to cool when you first
turn on the unit.
Make sure the air conditioner has an adequate
BTU rating for the size of the room being cooled.
The control is set incorrectly to Fan or DRY
Set the Mode to Cool and the Fan Speed to High.
Airflow is restricted. Remove any obstacles to the airflow and redirect
airflow for uniform cooling.
Temperature set too high. Lower the set temperature.
Air filters are dirty or restricted. Clean the air filter. See “Air Conditioner Care.
Air conditioner installed incorrectly Check the exhaust hose and window panel for
proper installation.
Doors and windows are open. Close the doors and windows to the room being
cooled to prevent cooled air from escaping.
Error Codes
Error Codes Meaning
E1 Abnormal sense of coil pipe sensor
E2 Abnormal sense of room temperature sensor
E4 Anti-frozen protection
FL Full water
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