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10 49-5000468 Rev. 0
Place the air conditioner on a flat, level surface in a
location that is at least 30” (76.2 cm) from any wall.
NOTE: A minimum clearance of 30” (76.2 cm) from the
air conditioner to the wall must be maintained to ensure
proper airflow.
Maintain a minimum 30” (76.2 cm) clearance around the
air conditioner to not block airflow.
Keep the air conditioner free of any obstructions such
as drapes, curtains, blinds, etc.
The exhaust hose should be free of any obstructions.
Do not place the air conditioner on an unstable or raised
surface because it could fall and cause damage or injury.
Do not place the air conditioner in direct sunlight or near
a heat source such as baseboard heaters, stoves, etc.
The window panel can be installed in a window with a
minimum 20” (55.88 cm) to a maximum 46” (121.92)
(55.88 cm)
Read these instructions completely and carefully.
IMPORTANT Save these instructions for local
inspector’s use.
IMPORTANT Observe all governing codes and
Note to Installer – Be sure to leave these instructions
with the Consumer.
Note to Consumer – Keep these instructions for future
Skill level – Installation of this appliance requires basic
mechanical skills.
Completion time – Approximately 1 hour
We recommend that two people install this product.
Proper installation is the responsibility of the installer.
Product failure due to improper installation is not
covered under the Warranty.
You MUST use all supplied parts and use proper
installation procedures as described in these
instructions when installing this air conditioner.
Do not, under any circumstances, cut or remove the third
(ground) prong from the power cord.
Do not change the plug on the power cord of this air
Aluminium house wiring may present special problems—
consult a qualified electrician.
Power cord includes a current
interrupter device. A test and reset
button is provided on the plug case.
The device should be tested on
a periodic basis by first pressing
stay engaged, discontinue use of the
air conditioner and contact a qualified
service technician.
Some models require a 115/120-volt AC,
60-Hz grounded outlet protected with a 15-amp
time-delay fuse or circuit breaker.
The 3-prong grounding plug minimizes the possibility of
electric shock hazard. If the wall outlet you plan to use is
only a 2-prong outlet, it is your responsibility to have it
replaced with a properly grounded 3-prong wall outlet.
Questions? visit our Website at: haierappliances.com.
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