Furrion 2022447525 15K Chill HE Air Conditioning System with Manual Control

Instruction Manual - Page 4

For 2022447525. Also, The document are for others Furrion models: FACR13SA-PS, FACR13SA-BL, FACR14SA-PS, FACR14SA-BL, FACR15SA-PS, FACR15SA-BL

PDF File Manual, 21 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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The rooftop air conditioner must be
installed securely so that it cannot
fall down.
Only operate the rooftop air
conditioner if you are certain that
the housing and the cables are not
Do not use the rooftop air
conditioner near flammable fluids or
in closed rooms.
Make sure no combustible objects
are stored or installed near the air
outlet. A distance of at least 20”
must be kept.
Do not reach into air outlets or
insert any foreign objects into the
Only use the device as intended.
Do not make any alterations or
conversions to the device.
If faults occur in the refrigerant
circuit, the system must be checked
by a certified service technician and
repaired properly. The refrigerant
must never be released into the air.
Handling Electrical
The electrical power supply must only
be connected by a qualified electrician.
Refer to NEC (National Electric
Code) for proper sizing of wire
gauge (awg) based on cable length
and overcurrent protection rating
that is suppling power to the air
See rooftop unit nameplate for
proper overcurrent protection
Attach and lay the cables so that
they cannot be tripped over or
Only a qualified electrician should
connect the rooftop air conditioner to
electrical power.
Do not lay loose or bent cables next
to electrically conductive materials.
Do not pull on the cables.
Use cable ducts to lay cables through
walls with sharp edges.
Refer to rooftop unit nameplate and
NEC for proper power supply rating.
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