Instruction Manual - Page 14

For 2022447525. Also, The document are for others Furrion models: FACR13SA-PS, FACR13SA-BL, FACR14SA-PS, FACR14SA-BL, FACR15SA-PS, FACR15SA-BL

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13. Install the Air Distribution Box (ADB)
shroud over the mounting frame and
fix with 4 self-tapping screws.
NOTE: Make sure the “THIS WAY
FRONT” mark is facing front (the
direction of the vehicle) while
installing. (Fig. 14)
Fig. 14
14. Align the filter tabs with mating
notches and push to snap the filters
into the ADB shroud. (Fig. 15)
Fig. 15
15. Align the decoration plate tabs
with the mating notches on the
ADB shroud and push to snap the
decoration plate into place. (Fig. 16)
Fig. 16
16. Install the two control knobs through
holes on the decoration plate and
push to lock into place. (Fig. 17)
Fig. 17
17. Your new rooftop air conditioner has
now been fully installed in the RV roof.
(Fig. 18)
Fig. 18
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