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For RB2155BB/XAA. Also, The document are for others Samsung models: RB1944SL*, RB1955SW*, RB1955VQ*, RB1955SH*, RB2155SW*, RB2155BB*, RB2155SH*

Beforecleaningtheappliance,you mustalways switch itoff and unplugitfrom the wall socket.
Do not usea steam cleaner. Hotsteam could damage thesurface of theapplianceor the electrical
components,with a riskof electricshock.
Ice cube tray
Placea hand in the lowergroove, then pull theice cube makerforward.
Removethe icecubetrays and rinsethem in water and dry completely.
Pull the high-humiditysaladdrawerout asfar as itwillgo, then remove itby
lifting itslightlyand pullingittowardsyou.
Wipe itwith a dampcloth and dry completely.
Door bins
Holdthe door bin in bothhands, thenremove it by liftingit slightlyand pulling
it towardsyou.
Wash it inwater anddry completely.
Holdingthefreezer drawer in bothhands, pull itout as far asit will
go,then remove it bylifting it upslightlyand pulling ittowardsyou.
Wipeitwith a dampcloth anddry completely.
Removetheshelf, thenclean itusingwater and detergentand dry
Whenreplacingthe shelves,do not mix up the top,middleand
Cleanthe rubber sealswith a damp cloth anddetergent. Usea wooden
skewerwrapped in a small clothto cleanin the grooves.