Samsung RB2155BB/XAA Official Refrigerator


For RB2155BB/XAA. Also, The document are for others Samsung models: RB1944SL*, RB1955SW*, RB1955VQ*, RB1955SH*, RB2155SW*, RB2155BB*, RB2155SH*

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Upper freezerdrawer
Storepackedfrozen foods, likeice creamand bacon.
Storefresh meat and fish ordried foods dividedinto
suitablysized portions.
Upper freezer drawer
Wrappingfood Middle/lower freezer drawer
Pack the food in suitablysized portionsfor your household.
Vegetableandfruit portionsshouldbe no heavierthan2 pounds,while meat portionscan be up to 5.5 Ibs.
Smaller portionsfreeze through morequicklyandthe quality is better maintainedwhen defrosting and preparingthe food.
It is importantto sealfood inairtight bagsor containers beforefreezingto prevent itfrom losing its tasteor dehydrating.
Wrap the food, pressout any air and seal itairtight.
Suitablewrapping materials:
Plasticbags,cling-film, aluminiumfoil andfreezer containers.Theseitems are availablefrom any dealer.
Unsuitable wrapping materials:
Wrapping paper,wax paper,cellophane,bin bagsor used carrierbags.
These can cause odors to be generated.
Suitable sealing materials:
Rubber bands, plasticclips, string,freezer tape or similar.
Plasticfilm andbagsmay be heat-sealedusinga special sealing iron or press.
Before placing a package in the freezer, it should be clearlylabelled with the contents and date of freezing.
Pull out the ice-cube trays.
Close the freezer door.
Fill trays up tothe water
level mark(arrow).
13 Putthe ice-cubetrays
back in position.
Twist Ice System
Oncethewater has
becomefrozen, turn the
dialson the ice cube
trays to emptyice cubes
intothe storagebin.
Danger of explosion
The coldest partsof the refrigeratorare the rear panels andthe lowest shelf. This is the best place to
Glassbottlescontainingliquidsthat canfreeze shouldnever be storedin the freezer as the glasswill explode.
Making icequickly
Tospeedup the time it takesto make ice, press the "POWERFREEZE"buttonto selectthefast
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