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For RB2155BB/XAA. Also, The document are for others Samsung models: RB1944SL*, RB1955SW*, RB1955VQ*, RB1955SH*, RB2155SW*, RB2155BB*, RB2155SH*

When storingfood in the appliance,follow the
Allow warmfood and beveragesto cooldown before
storing them in the appliance.
Ensurethat food iswell-wrappedor covered beforeit is
stored.This will preventfoodfrom dehydrating,
deterioratingin coloror losingflavor andwill help
maintainfreshness. Fruitsand vegetablesneednot be
wrapped, providedthat they are storedin the refrigerator
You are advisednot towrap the foodwith paper and
store it in the refrigeratorand freezer.
It couldbe the cause ofodor generation.
Neverlet anyoil or greasecome into contactwiththe
plasticfittings or door seals,as these materialseasily
become porous.
Neverstore any explosivesubstancesinsidethe
appliance. High-proofalcoholshould onlybe stored
uprightin tightly sealedcontainers.
Pleasekeepthe space betweenshelf and the rearwall
of the enclosedspace of the cabinet 1/2inchapartfor air
A. Refrigerator
Placefood in storage containersand lay the itemsout atsuitable
Thestorage shelf is madefrom an unbreakable,transparentmaterial,
so that youcan use itsafely.
Fruit andVegetablescan bestored in these compartments.
The drawercan be removed if youneed morespace to store fruit and
Tomaintainthe high humidity,slidethe humiditycontrollever to
Multi-purposedoor guard and egg bin
The refrigeratoriswarmest at thefront, atthe top and in the door.
Storesmall packaged foods, like milk,yogurt andbeverageshere.
Bottledoor guard
_: Store small bottlesand cartonsof beer,milk andjuice in the upper area
............................. and large bottlesandgallon cartons inthe lowerarea.