Vevor 1.1 CUBIC FEET Security Safe Box, Safe Deposit Box, Cabinet safes 17x14.5x9 Inch, Keypad Safe Digital

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First read the manual carefully before you start using the safe.
Product description:
This product is designed as fire proof rated at 900 C at 30 minutes
Choose a location where this product will be convenient to use, but not easily visible to an intruder.
Inside a fitted wardrobe or cupboard is often suitable. If possible, select a position where the unit
can be bolted to both wall and floor as security will be much higher if it is fixed to two surfaces.
Wall fixing must always be to a solid wall. Not a stud wall.
Preparation for use:
This product is battery operated. Batteries are not supplied. Only use 1.5V Alkaline AA batteries.
For your convenience, we have engineered a manual override system for your safe. To open the
door of the safe for the first time. Just remove the battery cover plated (d)(see diagram 1). You will
find the keyhole, insert the key into the keyhole and turn it in a counter-clock wise direction. Turn
the knob (a) in a clock wise direction. This will manually open your safe. To install the batteries.
Just remove the battery cover plate and install the four batteries. Ensure the + and - positions are
correct. The display (e) will scan the status of the electronic system automatically. If it is in order
the display will show good”.
Opening the safe after installing the batteries:
To open the door of the safe. Press the button START” (c) (see diagram 1). the display on the
panel will show “-----”, then input one of the two sets of factory-preset codes:
code) or code) immediately and confirm by pressing the button “START”. The
green light (f) will be on with the display showing “OPEN” and door using the knob within 4
seconds. If you do not want the display to show your codes when you open the safe. Just press the
button “START” twice at the first time of pressing and other steps are the same.
Programming the code:
The safe can be programmed with two sets of codes. For your safety. After opening the safe and
installing the batteries. You should programme two sets of your new codes to take place of two
sets of factory-preset codes.
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