User Manual Vevor TL4050-1 Heat Press Machine, 16 x 20 in / 40 x 51 cm, Clamshell Sublimation Transfer Printer Teflon Coated, Digital Precise Heat Control, Silica-gel Sponge Powerpress for T-shirt Bag Pad Pillow

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Flat High Pressure Heat Press Machine
User Manual Book
Brief introduction
The machine can thermo-transfer colorful pictures and words sublimation solvent printing inks on textiles
which are made from cotton flax, chemical fiber, or nylon etc, and ceramics and glasses. And the machine also
can conduct some heat-treatments such as hair-plating print and vesicant print, and conglutination of cloth
lining and cloth under lower temperature and lower pressure such as the conglutination of kid’s clothes and cap,
and shoes. Also, the machine can be used to smooth and shape in the production of small lots of caps,
handkerchiefs and other commodities.
Detailed Product Description
110V/ 220V
Temperature Range
0~ 230
Time Range
0~ 999 second
Printing Area
38* 38cm
Packing Size
67* 46* 44cm
Solid steel welded framework, scratch-resistant, Intelligent digital time & temp control panel
with memory function, Automatic countdown and alarm, Good in heat transfer printing on t-shirt,
bags, puzzles, mouse pads etc.
Product Characteristics
1. Fully digital temperature and time control, LCD displays show the temperature and time
2. The processing time is electronically controlled, and the finalization of process steps is
warned by light.
3. The working surface is covered by imported heat-resistant cloth, so it has a long working life
and is easily cleaned.
4. The pressure can be adjust easily
5. Heat-resistant silica-gel sponge is placed on the motherboard, so the machine can print many
kinds of products,
6. Heating pipeline is connected with heating plate, so the working surface can be heated evenly
in shot period, so the machine is safe and durable.
7. Aluminum heat plate, heating uniformity on the surface.
8. Teflon coated on the heat plate, convenient and attractive appearance.
9. The silicon pad can endure maximum 350 degree without any distortion
Read before operating:
Be sure to operate with safe ground wire !!!
Check the voltage before using it . Turn off the machine and cut off the power supply .
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