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Ninja K32005UK Foodi StaySharp Knife Block with Integrated Sharpener – 5-Piece Set [ ] - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User manual of Ninja K32005UK (2 pages)
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Thank you for your purchase of NinjaŽ FoodiŽ StaySharp Knife System and welcome to the Ninja family! We hope you love your knives and will be inspired to create something new in your kitchen.
This guide includes suggestions for how to maintain your knives.
Ł Keep knives away from children.

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touch a knife™s sharp blade edge.
use knives as screwdrivers or can openers. This is not their intended purpose and can bend or break the blade and cause bodily injury.
Ł NEVER try to catch a falling knife.
Ł NEVER put a knife in a sink full of water.
Ł Keep knives away from the edge of your worktop.
Ł Carry knives with the blade edge pointing down.
Ł Wash one knife at a time. Wash with the blade facing away from you.
Cut on a stable surface, preferably a wood, bamboo, or plastic cutting board.
Ł After handling a knife, lay it down in a cleared area with the blade away from the body and a safe distance from the edge of the cutting area.
reach blindly for a knife; reach deliberately for the handle.
Ł Store knives properly in the Ninja knife block.
Ł A sharp knife is a safe knife and provides more control. A blunt knife may slip because of the added pressure needed to cut.
Ł Hold knife in place while sharpening.
Register your NinjaŽ FoodiŽ StaySharp Knife System to stay up to date on what™s new from Ninja.
Remove all knives before moving the block. Your block has four suction cups on the bottom to stabilize the block while you sharpen your knives.
To move your block towards you, gently lift one side of the block and then the other. Place gently back on the counter and push down to activate suction cups. If suction cups are not sticking, clean
the counter and the suction cups to remove debris.
The stone sharpening wheel collects metal shavings over time as you use your sharpener. If you sharpen your knives every 2 weeks
(recommended), it is recommended to clean the wheel every 6 months.
Follow the steps in the section below to remove the wheel. Rinse the wheel under running water and use a soft bristle brush to remove any metal shavings. Towel dry the wheel immediately before reassembling inside the sharpener.
Remove all knives from your block.
Move the sharpener lever to the bottom position. Rotate block and tilt the block forward so you can easily access the back. Open the stone sharpening wheel access door.
There may be metal shavings inside the sharpener. Wipe with a towel to remove.
As you hold the lever in the down position with your left hand, pull the wheel holder down and towards you with your right hand. The wheel holder should connect with the snap feature to be held in
The wheel holder may be greasy and/or oily.
Remove the wheel by unsnapping and rotating the wheel pin clip upwards 90 degrees. Slide the wheel pin out and remove the wheel.
Discard the wheel, keep the wheel pin.
Replace the wheel by placing the new wheel in the wheel holder. It can be installed in either direction. Insert the wheel pin through the wheel and snap the wheel pin clip in place.
Verify the wheel is installed correctly by spinning the wheel. The wheel should rotate in the wheel holder. If it is jammed, is wobbly, or easily pops out, repeat step 5 until it rolls freely.
The wheel is meant to be angled in the wheel holder.
Gently raise

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