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User manual of Magnavox ZV457MG9 (110 pages)
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This unit can record to DVD+RW. DVD+R. DVD-RW and DVD-R. DVD+R/DVD-R can only I[ be recorded to once. DVD+RW/DVD-RW can be recorded to and erased many times. DVD-RW/-R will be recorded in the DVD+VR mode automatically in this unit.

• Following discs are recommended for good recording quality and


• DVD-RW recorded in the mode other than +VR is not recordable on this unit q! unless you erase all contents in the disc. (Refer to page 79 in the owners manual.)

• DVD-R recorded in the mode other than

+VR is not recordable on this unit.

Printed in China VMN25874 / EgM81UDQG *****

1) Disconnect the power cord of your TV from the AC outlet.

2) Make the basic connection as illustrated below.




RCAaudio cable


[I antenna

Follow to the back side of this sheet.

You need to follow these steps when you turn on this unit for the first time.

Turn on the TV. Select the input to which the unit is connected.

;_;i;_;i;i;ii;iiiiiil;iU'se [& /V] to select your desired language. then press [OK] to set language.

[A / T] to select the type of broadcasting signal. then press [OK].

The unit will start getting channels available in your area.

Press [OK] to activate "Clock Setting".

[1 / I] to select an item to set. and use [A / V] to

+ Make sure the disc is compatible with this unit. (Refer to page 38 in the owner's manual for the list of compatible discs.)

[REC O] to start recording.

[STOP II] to stop recording.

This is a simple way to set the recording time in blocks of 30 minutes.

Press [REC0] repeatedly until the desired recording time (30 minutes to 6 hours) appears on the TV screen.

One-touch timer recording will start.

•To change the recording length during one /Oh3Om. touch timer recording. press [REC0] repeatedly (n°rmalrecording)_ 1bOOm until the desired length appears. •To cancel one-touch timer recording within the 6boom sh3om specified time. press [STOPII].

You can program the unit to record up to 12 programs within a month in advance.

Daily or weekly program recordings are also available.

Before recording. make sure

• Set the clock before setting a timer programming.

• Insert a recordable disc with enough recordable space or a cassette tape with an erase-protection tab.

:ress [TIMER].

'ess [OK].

[TIMER SET] to set a timer programming.



" 'i:!:iiii!iiiiiiiii!iii


:iii!iliartplaying back• p playing back.

The model and serial numbers of this unit may be found on the cabinet.

You should record and retain those numbers for future reference.

Model No.:

Serial No.:






The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol. within an equilateral triangle. isintended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage"within the apparatus's enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.

The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the apparatus.

The caution marking is located on the rear or bottom of the cabinet.

Important Safeguards

Io READ INSTRUCTIONS All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the apparatus is operated.

2o RETAIN INSTRUCTIONS The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference.

3o HEED WARNINGS All warnings on the apparatus and in the operating instructions should be adhered to.

5o CLEANING Unplug this apparatus from the wall outlet before cleaning.


Un arrt brusque. l'utilisation d'une force excessive et des surfaces irrgulires risquent de dstabiliser l'ensemble et de le renverser. VENTILATION Slots and openings in the cabinet and the back or bottom are provided for ventilation and to ensure reliable operation of the apparatus and to protect it from overheating. these openings must not be blocked or covered.

The openings should never be blocked by placing the apparatus on a bed. sofa. carpet. rug. or other similar surface.This apparatus should never be placed near or over a radiator or heat register.This apparatus should not be placed in a built in installation such as a bookcase or rack unless proper ventilation is provided or the manufacturer's instructions have been adhered to.

10o POWER SOURCES This apparatus should be operated only from the type of power source indicated on the marking label.

If you are not sure of the type of power supply to your home. consult your apparatus dealer or local power company.

For the apparatus's intended to operate from battery power. or other sources. refer to the operating instructions.

Io GROUNDING OR POLARIZATION This apparatus is equipped with polarized alternating-current line plug (a plug having one blade wider than the other).This plug will fit into the power outlet only one way. This is a safety feature.

If you are unable to insert the plug fully into the outlet. try reversing the plug.

If the plug should still fail to fit. contact your electrician



(NEC SECTION [email protected]

(NEC SECTION 810-21)


LIGHTNING For added protection for this apparatus receiver during

I 7. OBJECT AND LIQUID ENTRY Never push objects of any kind into this apparatus through openings as they may touch dangerous voltage points or short out parts that could result in a fire or electric shock.

Never spill liquid of any kind on the apparatus.

SERVICING Do not attempt to service this apparatus yourself as opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards.

Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.

DAMAGE REQUIRING SERVICE Unplug this apparatus from the wall outlet and refer servicing to qualified service personnel under the

2eo REPLACEMENT PARTS -When replacement parts are required. be sure the service technician uses replacement parts specified by the manufacturer that have the same characteristics as the original part.


2 I.

SAFETY CHECK Upon completion of any service or repairs to this apparatus. ask the service technician to perform routine safety checks to determine that the apparatus is in proper operating condition.

HEAT-This apparatus should be situated away from heat sources such as radiators. heat registers. stoves. or other products (including amplifiers) that produce heat. EN

Do not place the unit on the furniture that is capable of being tilted by a child and an adult leaning. pulling. standing or climbing on it. A falling unit can cause serious injury or even death.

CAUTION: To prevent electric shock. match wide blade of plug to wide slot. fully insert.

ATTENTION: Pour viter les chocs lectriques. introduire la lame la plus large de la fiche dans la borne correspondante de la prise et pousser jusqu'au fond.

FCC WARNING This apparatus may generate or use radio frequency energy.

Changes or modifications to this apparatus may cause harmful interference unless the modifications are expressly approved in the manual.

The user could lose the authority to operate this apparatus if an unauthorized change or modification is made.


This apparatus has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device. pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

This apparatus generates. uses. and can radiate radio frequency energy and. if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions. may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

However. there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

If this apparatus does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception. which can be determined by turning the apparatus off and on. the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: 1) Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.

2) Increase the separation between the apparatus and receiver.

3) Connect the apparatus into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.

4) Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-O03.

Cet appareil numrique de la classe B est conforme _ la norme NMB-O03 du Canada.


This apparatus employs a laser. Only a qualified service person should remove the cover or attempt to service this apparatus. due to possible eye injury.

CAUTION: Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

CAUTION: Visible and invisible laser radiation when open and interlock defeated.

Do not stare into beam.

LOCATION: Inside. near the deck mechanism.


Unauthorized copying. broadcasting. public performance and lending of discs are prohibited.

This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by U.S. patents and other intellectual property rights. Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorized by Macrovision. and is intended for home and other limited viewing uses only unless otherwise authorized by Macrovision.

Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited.

• Do not handle the power cord with wet hands.

• Do not pull on the power cord when disconnecting it from an AC outlet.

Grasp it by the plug.

• Do not put your fingers or objects into the unit.

• Do not install the unit in direct sunlight. near strong

• Avoid a place with drastic temperature changes.

• Install the unit in a horizontal and stable position.

Do not place anything directly on top or bottom of the unit.

Depending on your external devices. noise or disturbance of the picture and/or sound may be generated if the unit is placed too close to them.

In this case. please ensure enough space between the external devices and the unit.

• Depending on the environment. the temperature of this unit may increase slightly.

This is not a malfunction.

RF coaxial cable (WPZ0901TM002)

RCA au d io/vi d eo ca b les (WPZ0102TM018/W PZ0102 LTE01)

• Dew condensation may form inside the unit in the following conditions.

If so. do not use this unit at least for a few hours until its inside gets dry.

The unit is moved from a cold place to a warm place.

Under conditions of high humidity.

After heating a cold room.

• This unit's packaging materials are recyclable and can be reused.

Please dispose of any materials in accordance with your local recycling regulations.

• Batteries should never be thrown away or incinerated but disposed of in accordance with your local regulations concerning chemical wastes.

• Consumers should note that not all high definition


Please refer to relevant topics on "TROUBLESHOOTING" on pages 96-99 before returning the product. If this unit becomes inoperative. do not try to correct the problem by yourself.

There are no user-serviceable parts inside.

Turn off. unplug the power plug and please call our help line mentioned on the front page to locate an Authorized Service Center.

Cleaninl the cabinet

Use a soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild detergent solution.

Do not use a solution containing alcohol. spirits. ammonia or abrasive.

Cleaninl discs

• When a disc becomes dirty. clean it with a cleaning cloth.

Wipe the disc from the center to out. Do not wipe in a circular motion. Do not use solvents such as benzine. thinner.

Cleaninl the disc lens

If this unit still does not perform properly although you refer to the relevant sections and to "TROUBLESHOOTING" in this owner's manual. the laser

Disc handlinq

Handle the discs so that fingerprints and dust do not adhere to the surfaces of the discs.

• Always store the disc in its protective case when it is not used.

Auto head cleaninl

• Automatically cleans video heads as you insert or remove a cassette. so you can see a clear picture. Playback picture may become blurred or interrupted while the TV program reception is clear. Dirt accumulated on the video heads after a long period of use. or the usage of rental or worn tapes can cause this problem.

If a streaky or snowy picture appears during playback. the video heads in your unit may need to be cleaned.

1. Please visit your local Audio/Video store and purchase good quality VHS video head cleaner.

2. Ifa video head cleaner does not solve the problem. please consult your dealer or an Authorized Service Center.

IR silnal check

If the remote control does not work properly. you can test if the remote control sends out the infrared signal with AM radio or a digital camera (including built-in camera of cellular phone).

It will help to define the cause of malfunction.

With an AM radio: Tune an AM radio to a station with no

With a digital camera (including built-in camera of cellular phone): Direct a digital camera to remote control.

Dolby Digital Recording

"Dolby ®Digital Recording enables consumers to record high-quality video with stereo sound on recordable DVD discs.

The technology. when utilized instead of PCM recording. also saves recordable disc space. allow ing for higher video resolution or extended recording

+ 2008 Funai Electric Co. Ltd.

All rights reserved.

No part of this manual may be reproduced. copied. transmitted. disseminated. transcribed. downloaded or stored in any storage medium. in any form or for any purpose without the express prior written consent of Funai. Furthermore. any unauthorized commercial distribution of this manual or any revision hereto is strictly prohibited.

Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Funai reserves the right to change the content herein without the obligation to notify any person or organization of such changes.

FUNA!with the design is a registered trademark of Funai Electric Co. Ltd and may not be used in any way without


Symbols Used in this Owner's Manual


Front Panel

Rear Panel

Remote Control

Front Panel Display ..







Basic Setup


Finding the Viewing Channel on Your TV . Guide to On-Screen Display / Menu . Main Menu .

Switching DVD / VCR Mode

How to Insert a Disc / Cassette Tape INITIAL SETTING CHANNEL SETTING

Auto Channel Scan ..

Adding / Deleting Channels SETTING THE CLOCK

Auto Clock Setting

Manual Clock Setting Daylight Saving Time TUNER SETTINGS

Switching Analog Mode / Digital Mode Channel Selection

Selecting TV Audio DTV Closed Caption

Closed Caption Style



Make Recording Compatible

Setting for Auto Chapter

Recording the DTV Closed Caption



Hints for Timer Recording


Overwriting from the Beginning of the Title .. Overwriting in the Middle of the Title ..

Hints for Overwriting


Connection to an External Device

Recording from an External Device




Finalizing a Disc .. Auto Finalizing



Direct Playback Playback from the Title List

Playing Back an Audio CD and a CD-RW/-R with MP3 Files

Using the Title / Disc Menu Pause


Resume Playback

Fast Forward / Fast Reverse Playback Skipping TV Commercials During Playback Rapid Playback

Step by Step Playback Slow Forward / Slow Reverse Playback


Marker Setting

Repeat Playback

Random Playback

Program Playback

Title / Chapter Search Track Search .. Time Search


Switching Subtitles

Switching Audio Soundtrack

Switching Virtual Surround System

Switching Camera Angles

Reducing Block Noise ..

Editing Discs .. EDITING DISCS .

Deleting Titles

Putting Names on Titles _:_'

Setting Chapter Marks .. Clearing Chapter Marks


Hiding Chapters

Setting Pictures for Thumbnails Dividing a Title

Putting Name on Disc .. Erasing Disc Making Edits Compatible

IIIFHctio Setup






Reset All




Recording One-touch Timer Recording (OTR) .. Index Search .. Time Search

Other Operations


Frequently Asked Questions Note for Output Jacks on the Rear Panel .. LANGUAGE CODE





Back cover


This unit not only plays back DVD. CD and VCR but also offers features for you to record on DVD and edit them after that. The following features are offered with this unit.

This unit is compatible with DVD+RW/DVD-RW. which are rewritable repeatedly and DVD+R/DVD-R. which are available for recording once. Even if you choose DVD RW/DVD-R. these discs will automatically be recorded in the DVD+VR mode.

Also. this unit allows you to record to the cassette tape. You can choose either one for your convenience.

Up to 12 program recording: You can program the unit to record up to 12 programs

One-touch timer recording (OTR): You can easily set a recording time as you prefer.

Every time [REC O] is pressed during recording. the recording time will be increased by 30 minutes up to 6 hours for DVD. and 8 hours for VCR. The recording automatically stops when the recording time you set is reached or the disc is full.

Dubbing mode: You can copy a DVD to a cassette tape or copy a cassette tape to a DVD. This function will be possible only if the DVD or a cassette tape is not copy protected.

You cannot record on a cassette tape when its erase-pro tection tab is removed.

Left channel stereo recording: This unit can record the sound of the left channel monau

Automatic chapter mark setting: Chapter marks will be put on recordings as you set before attempting to record.

Automatic title list making: The unit makes a title list with the index automatically.

Theater surround sound in your home:

When connecting the unit to an amplifier or a decoder which is compatible with Dolby Digital. you can experi ence the theater surround sound from discs with sur

Quick search for what you want to watch: You can easily find the part you want to watch using the search function.

Search for a desired point on a disc by title. chapter or time.

Virtual surround system: You can enjoy stereophonic space through your existing 2 channel stereo system.

Playing back MP3 files: You can enjoy MP3 files which are recorded on CD-RW/-R.

Quick search for what you want to watch:

You can easily find the part you want to watch using the index search/time search functions.

An index mark will be

For time search function. you can go to a specific point on a cassette tape by entering the exact amount of time you wish to skip.

Deleting titles: You can delete titles which you do not need anymore.

Putting names on titles: You can put your favorite names on titles.

Setting / clearing chapter marks: You can set / clear chapter marks on titles.

Hiding chapters:

To keep others from playing back some chapters without permission. you can hide chapters.

Setting pictures for thumbnails: You can change pictures for thumbnails.

Dividing titles (DVD+RW/DVD-RW only): You can divide a title into 2 or more.

Putting name on disc: You can put your favorite disc name.

Available for playing back discs on a regular DVD player: Recorded discs can be played back on regular DVD players. including computer DVD drives compatible with DVD-video playback.

Although DVD+R are playable on other units without finalization in most cases. it is recommended to finalize in order to stabilize the

Progressive scan system Unlike conventional interlace scanning. the progressive

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)

You can enjoy clearer audio/video output when connecting this unit to a display device with an HDMI-compatible port.


There is no picture.

• If you connect the cable to S-VIDEO OUT/COMPONENT VIDEO OUT I HDMI OUTjack. connect it to AUDIO/VIDEO OUTjack instead.

Picture noise appears.

• Head cleaning for VCR may be necessary.

Refer to "Auto head cleaning" (page

• Adjust tracking control for better picture by pressing [CHANNEl.

+/--] while you are playing back a cassette tape.

The cassette tape does not play back.

• No cassette tape is inserted.

Recording does not start afteryou press

• Make sure the cassette tape has an erase-protection tab when you [REC O]. record to a cassette tape.

If needed. cover the hole with cellophane tape.

The remote control does not function.

• Check if a cassette tape is in this unit.

The motor rotates even when

• The motor may rotate for the duration of approximately 5 minutes for playback / recording is stopped. efficient operation.

This is not a malfunction.

Can I record to CD-RW/-R?

Can I play back DVD-video that is bought in another country?

Can I connect the unit to my PC?

Can I program a timer recording with cable/satellite box?

Can I record one channel while watching another channel using a cable / satellite box?

Can I connect this unit directly to a TV which only has an antenna in jack using an RF coaxial cable?

Can I change the channels on the cable / satellite box using the remote control of this unit?

No. this unit records only DVD.

Possible when the region code of the disc is 1 and All.

No. you cannot control the unit by PC.

Yes. you can. Select "L1" or "L2" as your recording channel. and leave the cable / satellite box on (pages 17. 42-45).

It depends on your connection configurations.

For more details. please kindly contact your cable / satellite provider.

No. You need an RF modulator (commercially available) to connect this unit to a TV which only has an antenna in jack (page 16). This unit does not have an RF modulator.

No. Changing the channels on the cable / satellite box using this unit's remote control is not possible. You need to use the remote control supplied with the cable / satellite box to change the channels on the cable / satellite box.


: Available

Available for

: Not available


Disc Error

Pleaseeject the disc.

Playback featuremay not be available on this Disc.

• Insert the standardized disc which bear

Region Error

• Playback is not authorized in the region

• Insert the DVD-video with region codes

Please eject the disc. of the DVD-video which you inserted in 1 or ALL.

Playback is not authorized in your region. the unit.

Parental Lock On

• The current selected parental level

• Check "Parental Lock" setting in The current selected parental level prohibits playback. "Playback" menu (page 85). prohibits playback.

Recording Error

• The recording function encountered

• You cannot record copy prohibited This program is not allowed to be the copy prohibited program. programs. recorded.

Recording Error

• You are trying to record the copy-once

• You cannot record the copy-once This program is not recordable in +VR program. mode.

Recording Error

• You are trying to record onto the disc

• Insert the recordable disc. and ensure Can not record on this disc. which is unrecordable. or the disc status the disc status satisfies the recording is unable to record. requirements (page 38).

• The disc is dirty.

• Clean the disc with a cleaning cloth.

• The disc is damaged.

• Replace the disc.

Recording Error

• You are trying to record on to the

• Release the disc protect setting in "Disc This disc is protected and not recordable. protected disc which is set in "Disc Edit" menu (page 52). menu.

Recording Error

• You are trying to record onto the disc

• Insert the recordable disc with enough Disc is full. which has no space for recording. recording space. (No area for new recording)

Recording Error

• You are trying to record onto the disc

• Delete unnecessary titles (page 70).

You cannot record more than 49 titles on on which the number of recording titles one disc. comes up to the maximum (49). (The maximum is 49)

Recording Error

• You are trying to record onto the

• Delete unnecessary chapter marks You cannot record more than 254 chapters DVD+RW or DVD-RW on which the (pages 73-74). on one disc. number of recording chapters comes (The maximum is 254) up to the maximum (254).

Recording Error

• When recordings are performed

• Insert a new disc.

You cannot record on this disc as Power repeatedly onto an unstable disc. this Calibration Area is full. area may come up to be full.

• Every time you insert a disc for recording. the disc's working area will be taken up. And if you repeat this frequently. it will be used up sooner and you may not be able to record full 49 titles.

• Unplayable disc is inserted in the unit.

• The disc is upside down.

Recording Error

• You are trying to record onto the disc

• Release the finalizing for this disc This disc is already finalized. already finalized. (page 53).

Recording Error

• You are trying to record onto the

• Set "Make Recording Compatible" to The disc has no recording compatibility. disc that had been recorded by other "ON" to rewrite the menu. after that you Set "Make Recording Compatible" to recorders. will record to disc (page 39). "ON" to convert the disc.

If you are still having trouble with the unit after checking "TROUBLESHOOTING". write down the error code and the

EN 99 i

Analo 9 Audio

An electrical signal that directly represents sound.

Compare this to digital audio which can be an electrical signal. but is an indirect representation of sound.

See also "Digital Audio".

Aspect Ratio

The width of a TV screen relative to its height.

Conventional TVs are 4:3 (in other words. the TV screen

Chapter (DVD only) Just as a book is split up into several chapters. a title on a

DVD is usually divided into chapters.

See also "Title".

Component Video Out

Each signal of luminance (Y) and component (PB/CB. R/ CR)is independent to output so that you can experience picture color as it is.

Also. due to compatibility with progressive video (525p/480p). you can experience higher-density picture than that in interlace (525i/480i).

Dilital Audio

An indirect representation of sound by numbers.

During recording. the sound is measured at discrete intervals (44. 00 times a second for CD audio) by an analog to-digital converter. generating a stream of numbers.

On playback. a digital-to-analog converter generates an analog signal based on these numbers.

See also "Sampling Frequency" and "Analog Audio".

Dolby Dilital

The system to compress digital sound developed by Dolby Laboratories.

It offers you sound of stereo(2ch) or multi channel audio.


To make DVD. which have been recorded on. possible to play back in DVD players.

With this unit. it is possible to finalize DVD+R. DVD-RW. and DVD-R.

HDMI TM (hilh definition multimedia interface)

A digital interface between audio and video source.

It can transmit component video. audio. and control signal with one cable connection.

MP3 (MPEG audio layer

MP3 is a method of compressing files. You can copy MP3 files on CD-RW/-R from the computer and play back the files on this unit.

PBC (playback control) (video CD only)

This function enables you to play back interactive software using a menu screen. See also "Video CD".

PCM (pulse code modulation)

The most common system of encoding digital audio. found on CD and DAT. Excellent quality. but requires lot of data compared to formats such as Dolby Digital and MPEG audio.

For compatibility with digital audio recorders (CD. MD and DAT) and AV amplifiers with digital inputs. this unit can convert Dolby Digital and MPEG audio to PCM. See also "Digital Audio".

Prolressive Scan (525p/480p)

A type of display that does not split each frame into fields. and instead scans directly through all the scanlines of each frame in order.

Progressive scan provides less flickering and higher image resolution than traditional (525i/480i) TV signals. Refer to page 90 for instructions on selective progressive scan mode.

Re. ion Code

Regions associate discs and players with particular areas of the world.

This unit will only play back discs that have compatible region codes. You can find the region code of your unit by looking on the rear panel.

Some discs are compatible with more than one region (or all regions).

Samplin9 Frequency

The rate which sound is measured by a specified interval to turn into digital audio data. The numbers of sampling in one second defines as sampling frequency.

The higher the rate. the better the sound quality.

SAP (secondary audio prolram)

Sub-audio channel which is delivered separately from main-audio channel.

This audio channel is used as an

S-Video Output It delivers independently each signal of color(C) and luminance(Y) to TV as video signals. so that higher-quality picture will be gained.

Title (DVD only)

A collection of chapters on DVD. See also "Chapter".


Audio CD use tracks to divide up the content of a disc. The DVD equivalent is called a chapter.

See also "Chapter".

Video CD

A digital format for store video data in compact disc.

To specify for what disc type each function is. we put the following symbols at the beginning of each item to operate.

DVD-RW/-R recorded in VR mode or non compatible recording format are not playable.

DVD-RW recorded in the mode other than

+VR is not

Description refers to DVD+RW

Description refers to DVD+R

Description refers to DVD-RW

Description refers to DVD-R

Description refers toVHS tapes Use only cassettes marked VHS (_)

If you do not find any of the symbols listed above under the function heading. the operation is applicable to all media.

Description refers to DVD-video

Description refers to audio CD

Description refers to video CD with PBC function

Description refers to video CD without PBC function

Description refers to CD-RW/-R with MP3 files



FUNAI CORP. will repair this product. free of charge in the USA in the event of defect in materials or workmanship as follows:


PARTS: FUNAI CORP. will provide parts to replace defective parts without charge for one (1) year from the date of original retail purchase.

Certain parts are excluded from this warranty.

LABOR: FUNAI CORP. will provide the labor without charge for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of original retail purchase.



This warranty shall not be extended to any other person or transferee.

This warranty is void and of no effect if any serial numbers on the product are altered. replaced. defaced. missing or if service was attempted by an unauthorized service center.

This limited warranty does not apply to any product not purchased and used in the United States.

This warranty only covers failures due to defects in material or workmanship which occur during normal use. It does not cover damage which occurs in shipment. or failures which are caused by repairs. alterations or products not supplied by FUNAI CORP. or damage. which results from accident. misuse. abuse. mishandling. misapplication. alteration. faulty installation. improper maintenance. commercial use such as hotel. rental or office use of this product. or damage which results from fire. flood. lightning or other acts of God.














To obtain warranty service. you must take the product. or deliver the product freight prepaid. in either its original packaging or packaging affording an equal degree of protection. to any AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER. FUNAI CORP. will not reimburse you for any service done by unauthorized service providers without prior written approval.

To locate your nearest AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER or for general service inquiries. please contact us at" FUNAI SERVICE CORPORATION Customer Service Tel: 1-800-605-8610

5653 Creekside Parkway. Suite A. Lockbourne. OH 43137

Printed in China EgM81UD



21 2019 18 17 13 12 11 10 9 8"7

(*) The unit can also be turned on by pressing these buttons or inserting a cassette tape.

1. Cassette compartment (VCR) Insert a cassette tape here.

2.OPEN/CLOSE _button (DVD)

Press to open or close the disc tray.

3. Disc tray (DVD) Place a disc when it is open.

4.AUDIO input jacks (L2) (DVD/VCR) Use to connect external device with an RCA audio cable.

5.VIDEO input jack (L2) (DVDNCR) Use to connect external device with an RCA video cable.

6. S-VIDEO input jack (L2) (DVD/VCR) Use to connect the S-video output of external device with an S-video cable.


• button (DVD) Press once to start a recording.

Press repeatedly to start the one-touch timer recording.

8. PLAY I button (DVD)*

Press to start or resume playback.


• button (DVD)

Press to stop playback or recording.

Press to stop the proceeding timer recording in DVD.

10.DVD indicator

Lights up when the DVD output mode is selected.

11 .SOURCE button (DVDNCR)

Press to select the component you wish to operate.

12.VCR indicator

Lights up when the VCR output mode is selected.

13.D.DUBBING button (DVD/VCR) Press to start VCR to DVD (DVD to VCR) duplication

14. CHANNEL buttons (DVDNCR)

Press to change the channel up and down.

15. Display Refer to "Front Panel Display" on page 14.

16. Infrared sensor window (DVDNCR)

Receive signals from your remote control so that you can control the unit from a distance.


• button (VCR)

Press once to start a recording.

Press repeatedly to start the one-touch timer recording.

18. PLAY I button (VCR)

Press to start playback.


• _button (VCR) Press to remove the cassette tape from the cassette

Press to rapidly advance the cassette tape. or view the picture rapidly in forward during playback (forward search).

21. REW 1 button (VCR) Press to rewind the cassette tape. or to view the

23.POWER-ON indicator (DVDNCR) Red LED lights up when power is on.


Install the batteries (AAAx2) matching the polarity

Open the cover•

Insert batteries•

Make sure to match

+ and on the batteries to

Close the cover. j.

Keep in mind the following when using the remote control: Make sure that there are no obstacles between the remote control and the infrared sensor window on the unit.

Remote operation may become unreliable if strong sunlight or fluorescent light is shining on the infrared sensor window of the unit. Remote control for different devices can interfere with

Replace the batteries when you notice a fall off in the operating range of the remote control.

• The maximum operable ranges from the unit are as follows.

Line of sight: approx.

23 feet (7m) Either side of the center:

16 feet (Sin) 23 feet (7m) 16 feet (Sin) 30 °

10 11


1. DISPLAY button (DVDNCR)

• Press to display the display menu on or off.

2. DTV/TV button (DVD/VCR)

• Press to switch between digital TV (DTV) mode and analog TV (TV) mode.

3. SOURCE button (DVDNCR)

• Press to select the appropriate input.

4. Number/Character buttons (DVDNCR)

• Press to select channel numbers.

• Press to select a title/chapter/track/file on display.

• Press to enter values for the settings in the main menu.

• Press to enter title names.

• Press to start the index/time search in VCR mode.

5.Confirm (

• ) button (DVDNCR)

Analog mode:

• Press to confirm the channel selection made by [the Number buttons].

Digital mode:

• Press to confirm the major/minor channel selection made by [the Number buttons].

6. DISC MENU button (DVD)

• Press to display the disc menu.

7.OK button (DVDNCR)

• Press to confirm or select menu items.

8.TITLE button (DVD)

• Press to display the title list.

9. PREV button (DVD)

• During playback. press to return to the beginning of the current chapter. track or file.

• When playback is in pause. press repeatedly to reverse the playback step by step.

10.REW button (DVD/VCR) DVD mode:

• During playback. press to fast reverse playback.

• When playback is paused. press to slow reverse playback.

VCR mode:

• During playback. press to rewind the cassette tape or to view the picture rapidly in reverse.

11 .PAUSE I I button (DVDNCR)

• Press to pause playback or recording.

12.CHANNEL buttons (DVDNCR) DVD mode:

• Press to change the channel up and down.

VCR mode:

• Press to change the channel up and down.

• Press to adjust the tracking during playback or in slow motion of the cassette tape.

• While playback is in still mode. you can adjust the picture blurred vertically.

13.VCR button

• Press to select the VCR output mode.

14.REC MODE button (DVD/VCR)

• Press to switch the recording mode.


• button (DVDNCR)

• Press once to start a recording.

• Press repeatedly to start the one-touch timer recording.

16.CM SKIP button (DVD)

• During playback. press to skip 30 seconds.

17.SEARCH button (VCR)

• Press to call up the index or time search menu.

18.STANDBY-ON O button (DVD/VCR)

• Press to turn the unit on and off.

19.OPEN/CLOSE _button (DVDNCR) DVD mode:

• Press to open or close the disc tray.

VCR mode:

• Press to remove the cassette tape from the cassette

20.CLEAR button (DVDNCR) DVD mode:

• Press to clear the password once entered or to can cel the programming for CD or to clear the selected marker number. etc.

VCR mode:

• Press to reset the tape counter.

21 .SETUP button (DVDNCR)

• Press to display the main menu.

• During DVD playback. press and hold for more than 3 seconds to switch the progressive scanning mode to the interlace mode.

22.Cursor / V/1 / I buttons (DVDNCR)

• Press to select items or settings.

23.RETURN button (DVDNCR)

• Press to return to the previously displayed menu screen.

24.PLAY I button (DVD/VCR)

• Press to start playback or resume playback.

25.NEXT button (DVD)

• During playback. press to skip to the next chapter. track or file.

• When playback is in pause. press repeatedly to for ward the playback step by step.

26.FFW button (DVDNCR) DVD mode:

• During playback. press to fast forward playback. •When playback is paused. press to slow forward playback.

VCR mode:

• During playback. press to rapidly advance the cassette tape or view the picture rapidly in forward.

• When playback is paused. press to view the cassette tape in slow motion.

27.STOP button (DVD/VCR)

• Press to stop playback or recording.

DVD mode:

• Press to exit from the title list.

28.DVD button

• Press to select the DVD output mode.

29.TIMER button (DVDNCR)

• Press to display the timer programming list.

30.HDMI button (DVD)

• Press to set the HDMI connector's video signal out put mode.

31 .AUDIO button (DVDNCR) DTV mode:

• Press to switch the audio language for digital TV.

DVD mode:

• Press to display the audio menu during playback.

VCR mode:

• During playback of a Hi-Fi videotape. press to change the audio out setting.

32.RAPID PLAY button (DVD)

• During playback. press to play back in a slightly faster/slower mode with keeping the audio quality.

33.TIMER SET button (DVD/VCR)

• Press to set the unit in the timer standby mode.

In the timer standby mode. press to cancel the mode and to turn the unit on.

34.D.DUBBING button (DVD/VCR)

• Press to start VCR to DVD (DVD to VCR) duplication which you set in the main menu.

I£ i£


PM : Appears in the afternoon with the clock display.

DTV : Appears when the channel is in DTVmode.

: Appears when indicating title / track / file number.

: Appears when indicating chapter number.

: Appears when playback is in pause. or in step by step playback.

: Appears when playing back a disc. or a cassette tape.

: Appears during slow forward / reverse playback.



Appears when the timer programming or OTR has been set or is proceeding.

Flashes when all timer

: Appears during recording process.

: Flashes when a recording is in

Appears when this unit is in DVD output mode and a disc is in the unit.

Appears during duplication process.

Appears when this unit is in VCR output mode and a cassette tape is in the unit.

Appears during duplication

Appears when this unit is in VCR output mode.

: Appears when the timer recording is proceeding in VCR.

: Appears when VCR is in the

: Flashes when a program cannot be performed for some reasons.

DVD : Appears when this unit is in DVD output mode. : Appears when the timer recording is proceeding in DVD.

: Appears when DVD is in the timer recording standby mode.

: Flasheswhen a program cannot be performed for some reasons.

DB : Appears during VCR to DVD duplication process.

: Appears during DVD to VCR duplication process.

• Elapsed playback time

• Current title / chapter / track/file number

• Recording time / remaining time

• Clock

• Selected channel number

• Remaining time for one-touch timer recording

• Selected HDMI output mode

• VCR tape counter

7 "I t! ovo

DVD _-_:

Appears when the disc tray is opening.

Appears when the disc tray is closing.

Appears when a disc is loaded

Appears when data is being recorded on a disc.

Appears when the PBC function is activated. (Video CD playback only. Refer to page 56.)

°pl °p 0v0

I ;. ]9. ] _ 0v0.

Ft °v0 luOu

Appears when HDMI output mode (480p) is selected.

Appears when HDMI output mode (720p) is selected.

Appears when HDMI output mode (1080i) is selected.

Appears when HDMI output mode (1080p) is selected.

This section describes how to connect your unit to an antenna. cable box. etc.

Disconnect the power cord of your TV from the AC outlet.

Disconnect RF coaxial cable from antenna input jack of your TV.

"-'_'-_'H F / UHF

IB antenna rear of your TV iiu.

Connect cablesto the unit.

Make the basic connection as illustrated below.


RCAaudio cable

RF coaxial cable

This connection is for TV loop through only


Plug in the power cord of this unit and your TV to the AC outlet. rear of your TV

BS. ug

If your TV has antenna in jack only. it is still possible to connect this unit to your W by using a commercially available stereo audio/video RF modulator.

In this case. follow the instructions below.

I) Disconnect the power cords of the devices from the AC outlet.

2) Make the connection as illustrated below.

3) Set your RF modulator's channel 314 switch to either 3 or 4. whichever the TV channel is least used in your area.

If your RF modulator has a modulator/antenna switch. set it according to the manual supplied with the RF modulator.

4) Plug in the power cords of the devices to the AC outlet.

5) Turn on your TV and choose the same channel as you set the RF modulator's channel 314 switch to.

For more details. follow the manual supplied with the RF modulator.



RCA audio cable

RCA video cable


RCA audio cable


S-video cable






To set progressive scan mode. refer to page

• This unit is compatible with the progressive scan system. The feature provides you the higher quality images than the traditional output system. To utilize this feature. you must set "Progressive Scan" to "ON".

A simple 1-cable connection with a device having an HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) connector allows digital transfer of both digital video signals and multi-channel audio signals.

HDMI able

When connecting with an HDMI cable. the audio signal will be output as the digital audio signal simultaneously. so you do not need the analog audio connection described on page

Press [HDMI] to select the HDMI output mode.


Front Panel Display Video Output Signal

". . . Progressive

Press [HDMI] . . - I 720 Progressive

Press [HDMI]

Press [HDMI]

117 FI FI u. . . 1080 Progressive


• The HDMI mode that is not supported by display device will be skipped.

Audio recording format of the disc

Dolby Digital



Dolby Digital setting of this unit



Actual output

2channel PCM

Dolby Digital

2channel PCM

For audio CD and MP3 files. 2 channel PCM will be output regardless of the "Dolby Digital" setting.

If the connected device is not compatible with HDMI BITSTREAM. audio will be output as PCM even if you select "Stream" in "Dolby Digital" setting (Refer to page 86).

Copyright protection system

To play back the digital video images of a DVD via an HDMI connection. it is necessary that both the player and the display device (or an AV amplifier) support a copyright protection system called HDCP (high-bandwidth digital content protection system).

HDCP is copy protection technology that comprises data encryption and authentication of the connected AV device.

This unit supports HDCP. Please read the operating instructions of your display device (or AV amplifier) for more information.

+HDMI: High Definition Multimedia Interface

• When you change the connections. all devices should be turned off.

• Refer to the manual accompanying external devices for more information.

RCA audio cable



MD deck or DAT deck can be also connected through coaxial jack.

If output is Dolby Digital encoded audio. connect to a Dolby Digital decoder.

Connecting to an MD deck or DAT deck.

If not connected to any external devices.

To complete these settings. refer to pages 85-86.


After you have completed all the connections. you must find the viewing channel (external input channel) on your TV.

Admiral AUX Panasonic W/VIDEO

Curtis LINE1. LINE2.


Mathis 00. 90. 91. 2. 93


Samsung W/VIDEO 00. 90. 91. 2. 93

Hitachi INPUT. AUX Sanyo VIDEO


Sharp VIDEO 2. VIDEO 3

Kenwood AUX Sony VIDEO1. VIDEO2.


LXI-Series Toshiba W/GAME

Magnavox AUX CHANNEL Zenith

After you have made all the necessary connections. press [STANDBY-ON O] to turn on the unit.

Turn on your TV.

• If connected to your VCR make sure it is switched off or in standby mode before proceeding.

Press "2" on the TV's remote control.

This is the correct viewing channel (external input channel) for the recorder.

• For some TVs. there may be a button on the TV's remote control that accesses the external

• If more than 10 minutes have passed since you have turned on the unit. you may see the MAGNAVOX screen saver instead of"lnitial

Setup" menu.

MAGNAVOX screen saver:

Proceed to step 2 in "INITIAL SETTING" on page 26.

:. ;S


This unit uses the following on-screen displays and menus to guide you to the easy operations.

The on-screen displays give you the information on the loaded disc. the disc/file in playback. or the HDMI status. etc.

The menus allow you to change the various kinds of settings for playing back. recording. or editing to suit your preference.

The on-screen display changes in the following order as you press [DISPLAY].

DTV Program Guide (only in DIV mode)

Disc Information/Menu (only in DVD mode) or

VCR Information (only in VCR mode)

Title Name Information (only in DVD mode)

(only when DVD+RW/DVD+R/DVD RW/DVD is in playback)

File Name Information (only in CD mode)

(only when a CD with MP3 files is in playback)

MP3 Tag Information

(only when an MP3 file is in playback)

HDMI Information

(only for the images output through the HDMI output)

1.Program title (max. 2 lines displayed)

2.Closed Caption (Indicates that the program being

3.Signal strength (Indicates the signal strength of the

4.Program guide (max. 6 lines displayed) 5.Channel number

6. Broadcast station

7.Audio language ("Other" is displayed when the

8.Program rating

This is an example screen only for explanation.

Displayed items vary depending on the disc you inserted.

1.Indicates a disc type.

2.Indicates a channel number or selected external input channel.

3.Indicates a recording mode and possible recording time left.

4. Indicates an operation status.

5.Each icon means:

[@_ : Search IfilfllL" : Marker

II : Audio : Noise Reduction

:Subtitle h. :zoom

_.. iiI :Angle iii!u : Surround

: Repeat

6.Indicates the current title number/total number of


This is an example screen only for explanation.

Displayed items vary depending on the cassette tape you inserted.

Indicates current video status.

Indicates the current time.

Indicates a current channel number (or selected

Indicates a recording or playing back mode.

Indicates a tape counter.

Audio status of the current cassette tape.

• First. track name will be displayed.

• If you press [DISPLAYI one more time. artist name will be displayed.I

• If you press [DISPLAYI one more time. album name will be displayed.J

• If there is no artist. track or album name. "Not Available"


Title Name Information

File Name Information

Indicates the resolution of the HDMI output image.

+2. Indicates the HDMI video format.

+3. Indicates the HDMI audio format.

4. Indicates current disc status.

+ "- - -" will be displayed. when it does not have any information.

£. .

:. ;S

I£ i£

You need to follow these steps when you turn on this unit for the first time.

Follow the procedure in "Finding the Viewing Channel on Your TV" on page 21 to display the "Initial Setup" menu.

Use [A / V] to select your desired language. then press [OK].

Use [A / V] to select the type of broadcasting signal. then press [OK].

The unit will start getting channels available in your area.


(When using antenna)

The channels broadcasted in analog TV and digital TV are automatically scanned and memorized.

Only the receivable channels in the area will be memorized.

Cable (Analog):

(When using basic cable)

The channels broadcasted in analog CATV are automatically scanned and memorized.

Cable (Analog / Digital):

(When using basic cable)

The channels broadcasted in analog CATV and

Press [OK] to activate "Clock Setting"•

Proceed to step 5 in "Manual Clock Setting" on page 31.

• If a PBS (public broadcasting station) is

You can easily switch the analog TV (NTSC) and digital TV (ATSC) with the remote control.

Press [DTV/TV] on the remote control.

• The analog mode and digital mode switch alternately.

Select channels by using [CHANNEL _-/--] or [the Number buttons] found on remote control.

[CHANNEL Jr / --]

Use [CHANNEL Jr/--] to change the channel.

[the Number buttons]

Press the channel number with [the Number buttons] to

Enter the channel number with [the Number buttons] to

For 2-digit number e.g.) 12ch: [1] + [2]

Enter the major and minor channel number with [the Number buttons] to select a channel you want to watch.

For 1-digit number e.g.) 2-2 ch:

• If you enter 1 digit for major channel and leave it for 2 seconds. the number will be taken as the major channel and lowest minor channel of the major channel will be displayed.

• If there is no minor channel input. lowest minor channel of the major channel will be displayed.

About digital TV broadcasting:

With its high definition broadcast. digital broadcasting far surpasses analog broadcasting in both its picture and sound quality.

What is the minor channel?

By using high compression technology. digital broadcasting offers a service that enables multiple signals to send simultaneously.

Therefore. you can select more than one program per major channel since digital broadcasting technology distinguishes between multiple channels broadcast by a single network.

NTSC (analog mode) [AirTime] ATSC(digital mode) 18:00





IT major channel minor channel

: change automatically : change manually by using [CHANNEL-t-/--]


•If there is a power failure or this unit has been unplugged for more than 30 seconds. the clock setting and all timer programming will be lost.

• Ira disc is not inserted. "DVD" on the front panel display flashes and timer recording cannot be performed.

In some cases. will appear momentarily around the start time as the unit attempts to record.

Please insert recordable disc.

• Ira cassette tape with a erase-protection tab is not in the cassette compartment or there is no cassette tape in the cassette compartment. "VCR" on the front panel display flashes and timer recording cannot be performed.

Please insert a recordable cassette tape.

• Ira cassette tape ends during the timer recording. the

• If both DVD and VCR are timer programmed. you cannot use any functions for either unit during timer standby or timer recording.

If you want to use functions other than recording under such condition. cancel timer recording

• To cancel the timer standby mode. press [TIMER SET].

• When the starting and the ending time are the same. "Exceeds 12 hours" appears and the program setting will not be accepted.

• When the disc or cassette tape becomes full during the recording. the unit turns itself off.

• If the starting time is earlier and the ending time is later than the current time. the recording will start right after you press [TIMER SET] at step 9 on page 43.

• You cannot change the audio language for the timer recording of digital IV broadcasting.

• The timer recording cannot be performed in DVD and VCR at the same time.

If you set 2 programmings with the same channel and time in both devices. the program which is set first will have the priority.

_. s.

• Timer program which has the earlier start time will be placed first in the timer program list. and be given priority over the programs with the later start time when timer programs overlap.

• When timer programs overlap. the first 2 minutes (at the longest) of the later recording will be cut off.

• When 2 or more timer programs have the same start time. the program set first will be given priority.

• A timer recording of lower priority will be canceled or start from the middle.

• Check the overlapped timer programmings and change the priority if necessary.

When the starting time is the same: A program set previously (PROG.A) has priority.

The first 2 minutes (at the longest) will be cut off Jvhen recording to DVD only).

I 4!

/ ..


When you overwrite on the unnecessary title. there were various circumstances such as follows.

Please note that following cases only describe the overwriting without any recording mode discrepancy.

To avoid accidental deletion please check if there is no important title after the overwriting point.

When overwriting title isshorter than the existing title: (overwriting from the beginning of the title)

30 - 180 seconds will be cut off.

_. s.

When overwriting title is longer than the existing title:

(overwriting from the beginning of the title)

When overwriting in the middle of the title:

30 - 180 seconds will be cut off.

30 - 180 seconds will be cut off.

0verwritten section and the rest of the sections will

You can play back from where you stopped playing back the disc last.

1) During playback. press [STOP I].

The resume message will appear.

2) Press [PLAY I].

In a few seconds. playback will resume from the point at which it stopped last. You can resume playback at the same point even if you turn offthe unit.

To cancel the resume playback and start playing back the disc from the beginning. press [STOP II] again while the playback is stopped.

You can skip TV commercials to enjoy the recorded programs without interrupting.

During playback. press [CM SKIP].

Normal playback will start at 30 seconds ahead from the point you press [CM SKIP].

Every time you press [CM SKIP]. the searching point will

You can press [CM SKIP] up to 6 times (180 seconds).

(forwarding 30 seconds)

Playback will return to the normal playback.

1)During playback. press [IHI] or [11].

Every time you press [1] or [11]. pproximate speed will be changed as follows.

Fast forward or fast reverse playback across titles (for DVD) or files (for MP3 files) is not possible.

For video CD. approximate forward/reverse speeds are 2x. 8x. 16x.

For audio CD. MP3 files. approximate speed is fixed at 8x with sound (indicated with IID. / I1. ).

2) Press [PLAY I] to return to the normal playback.

Rapid playback function is available only during playback.

This function is available only on discs recorded in the

Dolby Digital format. and plays back in a slightly faster/ slower speed while keeping the sound quality just as normal playback.

1)During playback. press [RAPID PLAY].

Press [RAPID PLAY] once during playback.

Plays back approximately at 0.8 times of normal playback.

Press [RAPID PLAY] twice during playback.

Plays back approximately at 1.3 times of normal playback.

Press [RAPID PLAY] 3 times to play back in normal speed.

No effects.



• AUCtlC

[PLAY I] to return to


I£ i£

Title list allows you to check the titles recorded on the disc easily. You can choose a title to play back from this

Press [DVD]. then press [TITLE].

1. Title list: List of the titles recorded on the disc. and their information.

2. Arrow: Indicating there is a previous / next page.

3. Title information: On the first line. title name (editable) is displayed.

On the second line. the length of the title is displayed.

Empty title: The portion of the disc where there is no recordings are made. As for the empty title. available recording time by the selected recording mode is displayed on the second line.

4. Recording mode: Currently selected recording mode is displayed here.

5. Capacity indicator: Indicating the position and the amount of each title in the disc. The portion for the selected title is highlighted.

6. Thumbnails: A cut from the recorded content is

8. Title name (editable): If you do not name the title. the recorded date. time. channel. and the recording mode are displayed here.

9. Progress bar: Indicating the progress of the

11. Playback status: Indicating the current playback status of the selected title.

Press [STOP II] to exit the title list.

You can edit discs for the following items.

Be sure that once you edit titles. they will not remain as original.

Deleting Titles (Refer to page 70.)

Putting Names on Titles (Refer to page 71 .)

Setting Chapter Marks (Refer to page 72.)

Clearing Chapter Marks (Refer to pages 73-74.)

Hiding Chapters (Refer to page 75.)

Setting Pictures for Thumbnails (Refer to page 76.)

Dividing a Title (DVD+RW/DVD-RW only) (Refer to page 77.)

• Putting Name on Disc (Refer to page 78.)

• Erasing Disc (Refer to page 79.)

• Making Edits Compatible (Refer to page 80.)

I£ i£


Display CC Style Font Color Pages 87-89 pages 36-37


Page 90


Set the font color of the displayed caption.


Y iiw

Edge Type Set edge type of the displayed caption.

EdgeColor T#h'. Setedgecolorof thedisplayedcaption.


Back Color

MPAA Rating

TV Rating

Downloadable Rating

Change Password

Progressive Scan

Set the viewing limitation according to Canadian French language Ratings.

Set the viewing limitation according to Canadian English language Ratings.

To set the rating.

Clear the downloadable rating information and its setting.

Change the password.

Set to the progressive scan mode (set to "ON") or to the interlace scan mode (set to "OFF").

Set a picture size according to aspect ratio of your TV.

TV Aspect 4:3 Letter Box



Page 90




Channel Pages 27-29



Reset All Page 92

Video Input L1 (Rear) Page 48

Auto Chapter Page

Auto Finalize Disc Full

Page 54

End of Timer Rec

Dubbing Mode

Pages 50-51

Make Recording Compatible Page 39

Clock Setting

Auto Clock Setting

Daylight Saving Time

Auto Channel Preset

Manual Channel Preset

Set the video input type for the external input

Insert chapter marks at even time interval.

Set the unit to finalize the disc automatically.

Set the dubbing direction.

Set to prohibiting additional recording (OFF) or to replace the title list after recording (ON).

Set the clock.

Set the clock automatically.

Set the clock for the daylight saving time.

Tune the channels automatically.

Tune the channels manually.

Set the analog TV audio type for output and recording.

Set the color space for the HDMI output.

Set whether to output the HDMI audio signal or not.

Set the black-white contrast level for HDMI RGB output.

Set to the default setting.

EN 83 i

Set the front panel display brightness.

Use [A I V] to select a setting. then press [OK].

You can choose one from "Auto". "Bright" and "Dark".

If "Auto" is selected. the display gets dark when the power is off.

With the v-chip system in this unit. you can set the viewing limitation for the analog/digital TV programs received from the tuner or recorded on DVDs to prevent your children from watching inappropriate programs.

If the unit detects a blocked program. a restriction message appears and you are not allowed to view or record the program.

1 ) Use [the Number buttons] to enter the access

If you have not set the password. first. use [the Number buttons] to set the access password. then press [OK].

The number you entered will be stored as the access password.

2) Use [A / V] to select a desired item. then press [OK].

MPAA Rating

MPAA Rating

TV Rating

Canadian French Rating

Canadian English Rating

You can set the viewing limitation according to MPAA rating (US movie ratings).

TV Rating (US TV program ratings).

Canadian French Rating (Canadian French language Ratings).

Canadian English Rating (Canadian English language Ratings).

1) Use [A IV] to select the desired rating. then press [OK] repeatedly to switch between view and block.

When it is blocked a key icon will appear.

MPAA Rating]

Rating Category

Mature audience only higher

NC-17 No one under 17 admitted

Restricted; under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian

PG-13 Unsuitable for children under

PG Parental guidance suggested

General audience lower

NR No rating

[TV Rating]

Rating Category

TV-MA Mature audience only higher

TV-14 Unsuitable for children under

TV-PG Parental guidance suggested

TV-G General audience

TV-Y7 Appropriate for all children 7 and older

TV-Y Appropriate for all children lower

NR No rating

Canadian French Rating]

Rating Category

18 ans Adult audience only higher

16ans Unsuitable for ages under

13 ans Unsuitable for ages under

8 ans Unsuitable for ages under

General audience lower

Exempt program

Canadian English Rating]

Rating Category

Adult audience only higher

Unsuitable for ages under

PG Parental guidance suggested

General audience

C8 For children over 8 _ P

For all children lower

Exempt program

As for TV Rating's TV-MA.


TV-PG. or TV-Y7. you can further set the sub ratings to block specific

Sub Rating


Fantasy Violence


Sexual Situation

Coarse Language

Suggestive Dialogue




TV-PG. TV-14

Downloadable Rating

Set the rating system via digital broadcasting. or clear the downloaded ratings.

If the broadcasting signal does not have the downloadable rating information. the message below will appear.

• This message will also appear when you try to access "DOWNLOADABLE RATING" after you have cleared the downloadable rating information. and the new information has not been downloaded since.

To set the rating:

Use [A IV] to select "BLOCK SETTING" then press [OK] to show the various types of ratings.

Use [A IV] to select a desired rating to set. then press [OK] to show

To clear the downloadable rating information and its setting:

Use [A IV] to select "CLEAR DOWNLOADABLE °_;; RATING". then press [OK]. Change Password

Change the current password.

Use [the Number Buttons] to enter new access

EN 89 i


This feature allows you to set the recording length simply by pressing [REC O] on the remote control.

Press [VCR] first.

1 )Insert a recordable tape with an erase-protection tab intact.

2) Select the recording mode using [REC MODE].

(Refer to "Recording" on page 93.)

3) Select stereo or SAP. Refer to page

4) Select the desired channel to record using ]CHANNEL I- / --] or [the Number buttons].

5) Press [REC O] to begin the one-touch timer recording.

You can select a fixed recording time by pressing [REC O] repeatedly.

When the one-touch timer recording is finished. the unit will turn off automatically.

To change the recording length during the one touch timer recording:

Press [REC O] repeatedly until the desired length appear.

To cancel the one-touch timer recording within the specified time:

Press [STOP II].

An index mark will be assigned at the beginning of each

Press [VCR] first.

1)Press ]SEARCH] so that "INDEX SEARCH" menu

2)Using [the Number buttons]. enter the number of recordings you wish to skip within 30 seconds.

3)Press [11]. [11] to start index search.

If you want to go in the forward direction. press [11].

If you want to go in the reverse direction. press [11].

After index search. the VCR will play back the cassette tape automatically.


Beginning End of tape of tape



This feature allows you to go to a specific point on a cassette tape by entering the exact amount of time you wish to skip in order to reach the point.

Press [VCR] first•

1 )Press [SEARCH] repeatedly so that "TIME SEARCH"

2) Using [the Number buttons]. enter your desired

You can set the time up to 9:59.


3) Press [1]. [IHI] to start time search.

If you want to go in the forward direction. press I1].

If you want to go in the reverse direction. press [_].

After time search. the unit will play back the cassette tape automatically.

Press [VCR] first•

Fast forward:

When the unit is in stop mode. press Il] to fast forward the cassette tape.


When the unit is in stop mode. press [. 11]to rewind the

To cue or review picture during playback (picture search):

Press [. 11]. l] during playback.

Press it again and the unit will search in super high speed. (in the SLP mode only)

To freeze the picture on TV screen during playback (still mode):

Press [PAUSE I I]. Each time you press the button. the

If the picture begins to vibrate vertically during the still

If the picture is distorted or rolling vertically. adjust the

Counter reset:

Press [CLEAR] to reset the counter to "0:00:00".

To playback in slow motion:

Press [PAUSE I I] during playback. then press Il].

Press [11] or [. 11]repeatedly to select the desired speed.

Automatic rewind:

When a cassette tape is played back or fast forwarded to its end. the cassette tape will rewind to the beginning. stop

When you playback a cassette tape recorded in Hi-Fi stereo:

Press [AUDIO] on the remote control to select Hi-Fi or

MONO for playback sound mode.

• If you have connected a stereo TV to this unit. select"HIFl".

• If you have connected a monaural TV to this unit. select "MONO".

Your Selection HIFI MONO

Type of recordedtape L-channel R-channel

Hi-Fi tapes recorded in L+R Hi-Fi stereo

Hi-Fi tapes recorded main Main audio Main audio Main audio

Hi-Fi tapes Second audio Second audio Second audio recorded second audio program

Before requesting service for this unit. check the table below for a possible cause of the problem you are experiencing.

Some simple checks or a minor adjustment on your part may eliminate the problem and restore proper operation.

The power does not turn on.

• Check that the AC power cord is connected securely.

There is no picture.

TV program reception does not fill the TV screen.

TV program pictures are distorted.

TV channels cannot be changed.

There is no sound or the sound is distorted.

• Check the breaker (in case of power failure).

• Press [TIMER SET] to cancel the timer standby mode.

• Re-connect the connecting cords securely.

• Check if the connecting cords are damaged.

• Check the connection to your TV (pages 18-19).

• Switch the input selector on your TV (such as to "L1 ") so that the signal from the unit appears on the TV screen.

• Try to set the channels with "Auto Channel Preset" or "Manual Channel Preset" in "Channel" menu (pages 27-29).

• Select a channel of any TV program using [CHANNEL "+"/--].

• Adjust TV antenna.

• Adjust the picture. (Refer to the TV's instruction manual.)

• Place the unit and TV farther apart.

• Place the TV and any bunched RF coaxial cables farther apart.

• Switch the input to TV.

• Connect the RF coaxial cable correctly (pages 15-17).

• Re-connect all connections securely.

• Check if the connecting cord is damaged.

• Check the connections to the amplifier input.

• Check if the input device setting on the amplifier is correct.

• When the unit is in pause mode or in slow-motion playback mode. sound is not output.

This is not a malfunction.

• When the unit is in fast forward or fast reverse mode. sound is not output.

This is not a malfunction.

• If using the HDMI connection. sound is not output when "HDMI Audio" is set to "OFF".

• Check the RCA audio cable connection.

If you are using HDMI-DVl conversion cable. you must connect the RCA audio cable. too.

• If using the HDMI connection. check whether the output format of this unit (HDMI FORMAT) matches the supported input format of other connected device.

• Batteries are weak.

• There are obstacles between the remote control and the unit.

• The remote control is far from the unit.

• There are no batteries in the remote control.

• Check if the unit is turned on.

• Check if you are pointing the remote control at the recorder and NOTthe TV.

If you have a plasma TV. it may interfere with the IR signal. Try the remote with the plasma off. If the remote works. you may need to move the unit away from the plasma TV.

• Press [DVD] or [VCR]. whichever you need. Then. try again.

• Press [TIMER SET] to cancel the timer standby mode.

The remote control does not function.

The unit does not operate properly.

• When static electricity. etc. causes the unit to operate abnormally. unplug the unit and then plug it in again.

No analog TV closed captions are

• If you are using HDMI connection to watch the TV programs through this unit's output. tuner. analog TV closed caption cannot be output. Try using other connection.

Playback picture is distorted.

• Keep the device which may cause electrical disturbances. such as a cellular phone. away.

The channel cannot be changed from

• Set the TV's input to "TV." the channel you are recording.

Nothing was recorded even though

• There was a power failure during recording. you set the timer setting correctly.

• The unit's internal clock stopped due to a power failure that lasted for more than 30 seconds.

Reset the clock (pages 30-31).

• The program contains copy protection signals that restricts copying.

• The timer setting overlapped with another setting that has priority.

Timer recording is not complete or did

• The timer setting overlapped with another setting that has priority (page 45). not start from the beginning.

• Disc space was not enough.

Timer recording is impossible.

• Make sure appears on the front panel display of this unit.

If not. press [TIMER SET].


There is no picture.

Picture noise appears.

There is no sound.

Sound is noisy.

No DTS sound is output.

The disc does not play back.

• If the main menu appears on the TV screen. press [RETURN] to exit.

• Check if the progressive scan mode is set correctly according to your TV (page 90).

• Clean the disc with a cleaning cloth.

• If you are using DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (COAXIAL) jack. check the setting in "Disc Audio" (pages 85-86). :;3:_:J

• Clean the disc with a cleaning cloth.

• Clean the disc with a cleaning cloth. _!i

• No disc is inserted.

• A blank disc is inserted.

• The disc is upside down.

Insert the disc with the labeled side facing up.

• The disc is not correctly inserted. _:_'

• The unit cannot play back certain discs (such as a CD-ROM) (page 55).

• The region code on the DVD-video does not match the unit (page 55). _;::.

• Moisture has condensed inside the unit.

Remove the disc and leave the unit turned on for about 2 hours until the moisture evaporates (page

• If the disc was recorded on another recorder. the unit cannot play back the disc if it was not finalized.

Recording does not stop immediately after you press [STOPII].

The disctray does not open when you press[OPEN/CLOSE].

Discs recorded on this unit cannot be

• If you are using DVD-RW/-R. please ensure you finalized the disc after played back on other DVD players. recording (pages 53-54).

The disc does not start playback from

• Resume playback was activated (page 61 ). Press [STOP II] twice. the beginning.

• You have inserted a disc whose title menu or DVD menu automatically appears on the TV screen when it is first inserted.

The unit starts playing back the disc

• The DVD-video features an auto playback function. automatically.

Some functions such as stop. search.

• Depending on the disc. you may not be able to do some of the or slow-motion playback cannot be operations.

Refer to the instruction manual supplied with the disc. performed.

The language for the sound track •The title does not have the multilingual audio tracks. cannot be changed.

The DVD-video prohibits the changing of the language for the sound track.

The subtitle language cannot be

• Multilingual subtitle are not recorded on the DVD-video. changed or turned off.

The angles cannot be changed.

• Multi-angles are not recorded on the DVD-video being played back.

• The angle-change operation is whenever possible as long as the disc contains a multi-angle portion.

Actual change will be performed when the portion has come up.

• The DVD-video prohibits changing angles.

• Try changing the angle using the DVD-video's menu.

• It may take a few seconds for the unit to input disc data before recording stops.

• It may take a few seconds for the disc tray to open after you have recorded or edited a disc. This is because the unit is adding disc data to the disc.

"Repairing" appears on the TV screen.

• If there is a power failure or unplugging during recording. finalizing. formatting or editing (even after "Repairing" disappears). a repairing process will begin automatically just after turning the unit on again.

It may take several minutes up to about several hours.

• If you intend to cancel the repairing process. press [OPEN/CLOSE ___] on the front panel. then select "Yes" and press [OK]. After that. press [OPEN/CLOSE ___]to take out the disc. The disc canceled during the repairing process MAY NOT work.

In a case you intend to cancel the repairing process.

Do you want to cancel a repairing

Li ..

EN 97 i

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