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11/2009 E.R. (WebWizard) 1230-56133-01 Printed in China

Component Systems

Serial Number: Date of Purchase:

Installation & Operation Installation et fonctionnement Instalación y funcionamiento Einbau und Betrieb

Installazione e funzionamento

5.25” – R152-S 6.5” – R1652-S 1” Tweeter System – R1T-S

Rockford Corporation offers a limited warranty on Rockford Fosgate products on the following terms:

Length of Warranty

Speakers – 1 Year (receipt required)

What is Covered This warranty applies only to Rockford Fosgate products sold to consumers by Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealers in the United States of America or its possessions.Product purchased by consumers from an Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer in another country are covered only by that country’s Distributor and not by Rockford Corporation.

Who is Covered This warranty covers only the original purchaser of Rockford product purchased from an Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer in the United States. In order to receive service. the purchaser must provide Rockford with a copy of the receipt stating the customer name. dealer name. product purchased and date of purchase. Products found to be defective during the warranty period will be repaired or replaced (with a product deemed to be equivalent) at Rockford's discretion.

What is Not Covered 1.Damage caused by accident. abuse. improper operations. water. theft. shipping 2.Any cost or expense related to the removal or reinstallation of product 3.Service performed by anyone other than Rockford or an Authorized Rockford Fosgate Service Center 4.Any product which has had the serial number defaced. altered. or removed 5.Subsequent damage to other components 6.Any product purchased outside the U.S.

7.Any product not purchased from an Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer

Limit on Implied Warranties Any implied warranties including warranties of fitness for use and merchantability are limited in duration to the period of the express warranty set forth above.Some states do not allow limitations on the length of an implied warranty. o this limitation may not apply.No person is authorized to assume for Rockford Fosgate any other liability in connection with the sale of the product.

How to Obtain Service

Contact the Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer you purchased this product from. If you need further assistance. call 1-800-669-9899 for Rockford Customer Service.You must obtain an RA# (Return Authorization number) to return any product to Rockford Fosgate.You are responsible for shipment of product to Rockford.

EU Warranty This product meets the current EU warranty requirements. see your Authorized dealer for details.

2010 Rockford Corporation.All rights reserved.

Rockford Fosgate and the Rockford Fosgate logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Rockford Corporation.


Rockford Fosgate Rockford Corporation 600 South Rockford Drive Tempe. rizona 85281 U.S.A.

In U.S.A. (480) 967-3565 Customer Service 1-800-669-9899

Before beginning any installation. follow these simple rules:

Be sure to carefully read and understand the instructions before attempting to install these speakers.

For safety. disconnect the negative lead from the battery prior to beginning the installation.

For easier assembly. we suggest you run all wires prior to mounting your speakers in place.

Use high quality connectors for a reliable installation and to minimize signal or power loss.

Think before you drill! Be careful not to cut or drill into gas tanks. fuel lines. brake or hydraulic lines. vacuum lines or electrical wiring when working on any vehicle. If installation in a boat. take care not to cut or drill through the main hull.

Never run wires underneath the vehicle. Running the wires inside the vehicle or hull area provides the best protection.

Avoid running wires over or through sharp edges. Use rubber or plastic grommets to protect any wires routed through metal. especially the firewall.

Determine where the speakers will be mounted. Ensure an area large enough for the speaker to mount evenly. Be sure that the mounting location is deep enough for the speaker to fit; if mounting in a door. operate all functions (windows. locks. etc.) through their entire operating range to ensure there is no obstruction.

Refer to the specification chart to determine the proper diameter hole to cut for your speaker model.The template provided also gives the proper cutout size.

Mark the locations for the mounting screws. Drill the holes with a 1/8" bit.

Feed the speaker wires through the cutout and connect to the speaker terminals.

Be sure to observe proper polarity when connecting the wires.The speaker's positive terminal is indicated with a "+".

Tighten the screws until the speaker is snug in place to prevent rattling. Do not over tighten the screws.



CAUTION: Before installation. disconnect the battery negative (-) terminal to prevent damage to the unit. fire and/or possible injury.

• (1) Set R1 Series Speakers with Tweeters or R1T-S Tweeter Kit

• (1) Set of grilles/trim rings

• Mounting Hardware and Tweeter Surface/Angle and Flush Mounts



Cutout Hole

Example of Standard Door Installation

Rear Deck

Cutout Hole

Example of Rear Deck Installation


Continuous exposure to sound pressure levels over 100dB may cause permanent hearing loss. High powered auto sound systems may produce sound pressure levels well over 130dB. Use common sense and practice safe sound.

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