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Package Contents 2 Warranty .2 Safety Instructions ..3 Electrical Requirements ..4 Installation 4.

Key Features ..5 Control Panel ..

Water Disposing Options ..7-9 Care and Maintenance ..10 Troubleshooting .11-12 ProductSpecification ..14 SpanishiEspallol ..15 Sears Service ..Back Cover

Kenmore Dehumidifier Use and Care Guide

Kenmore Limited Warranty

When installed. operated and maintained according to all supplied instructions. if this appliance fails due to a defect in material and workmanship within one year from the date of purchase. call 1-800-4-MY HOME to arrange for free repair.

If this appliance is ever used for other than private family purposes. this warranty applies for only 90 days from the date of purchase.

Thiswarranty covers only defects in material and workmanship. Warranty coverage does NOT include:

Expendable itemsthat can wear out from normal use. ncludingbut not limited to filters. elts. light bulbs. and bags.

A service technician to instruct the userin correct product installation. peration or maintenance.

A service technician to clean or maintain this product.

Damage to or failure of thisproduct if it is not installed. perated or maintained according to the all instructions supplied with the product.

Damage to or failure of this product resultingfrom accident. abuse. misuseor use for other than its intended purpose.

Damage to or failure of this product caused by the useof detergents. cleaners. chemicals or utensils other than those recommended in all instructionssuppliedwith the product.

Damage to or failure of parts or systems resulting from unauthorized modifications made to this product.

Disclaimer of implied warranties; limitation of remedies Customer'ssole and exclusiveremedy under this limited warranty shall be product repair as provided herein. Implied warranties. including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. are limited to one year or the shortest period allowed by law. Sears shall not be liable for incidental or conse quential damages. Some states and provincesdo not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. or limitation on the duration of implied warranties of merchantability or fitness. so these exclusions or limitations may not apply to you.

This warranty applies only while this appliance is used in the United States.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights. and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Sears BrandsManagement Carporationt HofFmanEstates. IL 60179


To reduce the risk of fireelectrical shockin]uryor damage to the dehumidifiers. hese safety precautionsmust be foilowed


• Do not place the power cord near a heater.

• Do not use an electrical outlet near flam mable or combustible materials such as

•gasoline. propane. paint thinners. etc. " Do not disassemble or modify dehumidifier parts or components.

It may cause electric shock and failure.

° Plug in the power cord properly. ° Do not turn the unit on and off by inserting or pulling out the power plug. ° Do not damage the power cord or use an unspecified power cord.

• Do not modify power cord length. ° Do not share the outlet with another appli ance.

• Always plug into a grounded outlet.


• Ventilate area before operating dehumidi fier. Check for the presence of natural gas or the buildup of other combustible vapors. ° Do not clean the dehumidifier with water.

Water may enter the unit and degrade the insulation resulting in an electrical shock.

° If water enters the product. turn off the dehumidifier's power switch. then unplug the unit. Do not plug in unit until it has been inspected by an authorized repair service. ° Because the fan rotates at high speed dur ing operation always unplug dehumidifier

• Do not remove plug from outlet by pull ing on the cord.

• When not in use. turning the unit off will save energy.

Unplug the dehumidifier when not using for long periods of time.

• When removing the filter. be aware that some metal parts may have sharp edges and may cause injury.

• Do not use the water collected in the


• Make sure the dehumidifier is the correct

It is nat designed to dehumidify the entire house.

• For proper operation. the dehumidifier should only be placed on a level floor.

• Close all doors. windows and other open ings to the room. The dehumidifier must operate in an enclosed area to be effec tive.

• To clean. use a soft cloths do not use wax. thinners. or strong detergents as they may change the color of the unit or

° Do not put a pet or house plant where it will be exposed to direct air flow.






A time delay fuse or time delay circuit breaker is recommended.

Use a dedicated

3-prong grounded plug

Power supply cord Grounded 3-prong electrical outlet



For your personal safety. this appliance must be grounded.

This appliance has a

National Electrical Codes and all local codes and ordinances.

Plug into a grounded 3-prong outlet.

Do not remove the ground pin from the plug.

Do not use an adapter.

Do not use an extension cord.

Failure to follow these instructions can

Install the dehumidifier on a level floor strong enough to supportthe unit with a full bucket of water. For best performance. allow at least 12-18 inches of air space on all sidesof the unit for good air circulation. Keep all outside doors. windowsand other openingsclosed when operating the dehu midifier. Humid outdoor air will add to the unit's workload.

Leave the dehumidifier in an upright posi tion for 30 minutes before turning on.


The dehumidifier has a built-in defrost

During defrosting. the compressor will automatically turn off; the fan will continue running to defrost the coils.


Use the dehumidifier:


When the bucket is full. or when the bucket has been removed. the compres sorwill automatically stop. The fan will continue to run to dehumidify for 3 minutes. Then the BucketFull indicator wilt flash and you will hear a ten second audible alarm.

The bucket mustbe placed in the proper positionfor the dehumidifier to work.

The BucketFulllight will flash and the dehumidifier will not run if the bucket is not in the proper position. Dehumidifier settingscan not be changed when the bucket is not in its proper position. The dehumidifier fan will shutoff in 3

To reduce the risk of fire. electric shock or injury to sons. read the important SAFETY IN

STRUCTIONS found on page3 before operating this appliance.


Washable Filter Enclosure

Continuous Drain Connector Door'"1

Power Cord

• Carry Handle

Control Panel



POWER ON/OFF Once the unit is plugged in. the POWER INDICA TOR (10) will light.

Pressing the POWER button once wilt turn the unit ON and illuminate the digi tal display (9). The fan will operate for 3 minutes to draw air through the dehumidifier to properly senserelative humidity.

The display will show the humidity level of the room in 5% increments. down to a minimum of 25%.

Pressingthe Power button again will turn the display OFF and the unit will cease operating.

HUMIDITY LEVEL(2/3) The humidity level can be set in 5% incrementsin a range from 35% to 80%.

The humidity setting is shown in the digital display.

When the humidi ty level of the room reaches the set level. the compressor will stop. but the fan will continue operating for 3 minutes. To set the unit to continu ous operation. press the down arrow button until the display shows 35%.

Pressagain and the dis play will showCO. The Continuous indicator (13) wilt light up on the control panel. To leave contin uous operation. pressthe UP arrow.

To check the current humidity setting. pressthe up or down arrow. The display will show and set 5% above or below the currentsettings.

FAN SPEED(5) PressFan Speed to toggle between Low.

Med. and High fan speeds. Speed will be shown in FAN SPEEDINDICATOR (8)

BUCKET FULL INDICATOR (11) When the collection bucket is full. the BUCKET FULL indicator (11) wilt light up and you wilt hear an audible alarm.

The audible alarm will last up to ten seconds The dehumidifier will not run until

DELAY START (4) Unit can be programmed to turn on at a desired delay time by pressing the Timer (4) key. When the unit is powered OFF. press the timer key once for 2-hour delay start. The2 Hrs (7) timer indica tor wilt light up when the timer key is pressed.

Press the timer key once more for a A-hour delay start. The 4 Hrs (7) timer indicator will now light up. Press the timer key a third time to ctear the

AUTO SHUT-OFF (4) Unit can be programmed to turn off at a desired time by pressing the Timer (4) key. When the unit is powered ON. press the timer key once for 2 hour automatic shut-off. The 2 Hrs (7) timer indi cator will light up when the timer key is pressed.

Pressthe timer key once more for a 4-hour auto matic shut-off. The 4 Hrs (7} timer indicator will now light up. Pressthe timer key a third time to clear the timer setting. No timer indicators will light up when the timer setting is cleared.

FILTERRESET(12) The FILTERRESETindicator (12) will light up when the filter needscleaning. Remove the filter and clean accordingly. Replace the filter when fin ished and pressand holdthe FILTER(6) key up to 5 secondsto reset the filter indicator.


Once the set humidity level is reached the compressorwil! shutoff:. The fan will contin ue to run for up to 3 minutes.

Anytime the compressorstopsrunningfor any reason. t will not restart for a minimum of 3 minutes.Thisis a design feature to pro tect the compressorfrom damage.

OPTION I: EMPTYING MANUALLY 1. Pull out the bucketgrasping the side handles. (Fig. 1)

2. Carry the bucket by grasping the front corner of the bucket with one hand and the back of

3. Empty the bucket and replace the bucket in the dehumidifier. (Fig. 3)

NOTE: Dehumidifier will not work and settingscan not be changed when the BUCKETFULL indicator light is flashing or without the bucket properly installed.


This dehumidifier is equipped with a reliable Styrofoam float system. The Styrofoam located inside the float in the bucket is essential to the bucket full system working properly.

Do not remove the Styrofoam from the float.

(Fig. 1) (Fig. 2)

(Fig. 3)


When using the continuous drainage option. place the dehumidifier on a level sur face and make sure the garden hose is clear of any obstructions and is directed

Placing the dehumidifier on an uneven surface or improper hose installation may result in water filling up the bucket and causing the unit to shut off:.

Empty bucket if shut off: occurs. then check dehumidifier location and hose for proper setup.

Make sure there are no kinks or knots in the drainage hose. (Fig. )

(Fig. 7)

Place on Even Surfaces

(Fig. 8)


After 250 hours of operation the FILTER RESET indicator will light up to remind you to clean and change the air filter.

It is recommended to periodically check the filter for excess dirt even if the FILTER RESET indicator is off.

1. To remove the air filter. press the two

Plug unit back into outlet. power the unit on and press and hold the FILTER key up to 5 seconds on the control panel to reset the filter setting.

NOTE: DO NOT place the filter in a dishwasher

CAUTION: DO NOT operate the dehu midifier without a filter. Doing so may cause a unit failure.


Disconnect power supply cord from receptacle before performing any maintenance.


Clean the cabinet using a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Do not use bleach or abrasives.


Wipe down the control panel with a dry cloth.


Every few weeks. clean the dehumidifier bucket.

Partially fill the bucket with clean water and mild detergent.


NOTE: Do not place the bucket in a dishwasher.


ProMem PossibleCauses Solutions

Dehumidifierdoes not The dehumidifier is un Make surethe dehumidifier's plug is pushedcam start. plugged. ptetely into the outlet.

The fuse is blown / circuit Checkthe housefuse / circuit breaker box and breaker is tripped. replace fuse or reset breaker.

Dehumidifier has reached

Dehumidifier is not oper ating as Intended.

The dehumidifier automatically turns off when either condition occurs.Change to a lower setting or emp ty the water bucket and replace properly.

Bucketis not in the proper The bucket mustbe in place and securelyseated for position. the dehumidifier to operate.

Power Failure.

There is a protective time delay of 3 minutes to prevent tripping of the compressoroverload. Forthis reason. the unit will not start normal dehumidifica tion for 3 rain. after it is powered back on.

Not enough time allowed for unit to remove moisture.

Airflow is restricted.

Dirty filter.

The user set Humidity Level may not be set low enough.

Doors and windows may

Water is not draining

Room temperature is too

When first installed. allow at least 24 hours to achieve the desired humidity level.

Make sure there are no curtains. blinds. or furniture

Check that all doors. indows. and other openings are securelyclosed.

Make surethe drain is placed below the drain con nector nozzle to allow gravity to drain the water (Refer to Gravity Drain Hose sectionin this manual).

Moisture removal is best at higher room tempera tures. Lower room temperatures will reduce the moisture removal rate. Thismodel is designed to above 41 F. operate at temperatures

Filter Indicator is lit.

Filter needsto be cleaned Once filter has been cleaned. pressthe FILTERbut every 250 hours of use. ton for 3 secondsto turn the filter indicator off.


Dehumidifier runs too much

Frost appears on the coils

HH. I'.

11111 IIIII II Fan Noise

Water on the floor

Posdble Causes

HII IIIII I I I II IHIIIII I IIIIII I I The area to be dehumidified

Doors and windows are

The dehumidifier has recent

IIII Bucket is full or it has been removed.

Air is moving through the unit.

Hose connection may be loose.

Hose is attached but not


The capacity of your dehumidifier may not be adequate for the room size.

This is normal. Frost wilt usuallydisappear within 60 minutes.

Empty bucket and install properly in unit.

Thisis normal.

Check the hose connection.

See the Drain

. uu. Check hose for obstruction.

Error Code

Error Type

Ambient Tem

Possible Cause

1. Sudden Change in the surrounding temperature.

2. Faulty Sensor

Corrective Action

Unplug the dehumidifier.

Check the surrounding area for possible reasons for sudden temperature changes.

Wait 30 minutes before plug ging the dehumidifier bgck in for normal operation.

F2 Evaporative Coil Tem

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