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Owner’s Manual Cars for Honda 2022 TALON 1000X


  • Instruments & Controls
  • Before Driving
  • Basic Operation & Driving Guidelines
  • Servicing Your Honda
  • Tips
  • Taking Care of the Unexpected
  • Technical Information
  • Consumer Information (USA & Canada only)
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  • Quick Reference

Loading Guidelines

  • Make sure the tires are properly inflated (page 193).
  • Place all items on the floor of the cargo bed, and as far forward and centered as possible.
  • Use the tie-down hooks (page 69) to secure any items that could shift position while you are driving.
  • Do not let items extend over the side rails, as they could get caught on something.
  • Be aware that carrying tall, heavy items will significantly raise the vehicle’s center of gravity, increasing the chance of a rollover.
  • Never let a passenger ride in the cargo area or hang onto the side of the vehicle, even for a short distance. The person could be thrown off the vehicle or cause a crash. 
  • Before driving with heavy cargo, shift the shift select lever into low-range (L) position.

Air Cleaner

This vehicle is equipped with a viscous type air cleaner which cannot be cleaned with compressed air or any chemicals without degrading its performance. Service the air cleaner more frequently if you drive in unusually wet or dusty areas. Your dealer can help you determine the correct service interval for your driving conditions. Your Honda SXS’s air cleaner has very specific performance requirements. Use a new Honda Genuine air cleaner specified for your model or an air cleaner of equal quality.

Dirty side

  1. Place a suitable container under the crankcase breather tube.
  2. Remove the air cleaner housing drain tube by removing the clip.
  3. Drain the deposits.
  4. Reinstall the air cleaner housing drain tube, securing it with the clip.

Clean side

  1. Release the clamp.
  2. Place a suitable container under the crankcase breather tube plug.
  3. Remove the air cleaner housing drain tube plug by removing the clip.
  4. Drain the deposits.
  5. Reinstall the air cleaner housing drain tube plug, securing it with the clip.
  6. Secure the air cleaner housing drain tube with the clamp.

Washing Your Honda SXS with a Mild Detergent

  1. Rinse your Honda SXS thoroughly with cool water to remove loose dirt.
  2. Fill a bucket with cool water. Mix in a mild, neutral detergent, such as dish washing liquid or a product made especially for washing motorcycles or automobiles.
  3. Wash your Honda SXS with a sponge or soft towel. As you wash, check for heavy grime. If necessary, use a mild cleaner/degreaser to remove the grime.
  4. After washing, rinse your Honda SXS thoroughly with plenty of clean water to remove any residue. Detergent residue can corrode alloy parts.
  5. Dry your Honda SXS with a chamois or a soft towel. Leaving water on the surface to air dry can cause dulling and water spots. As you dry, inspect for chips and scratches.
  6. Start the engine and let it idle for several minutes. The engine heat will help dry moist areas.
  7. As a precaution, drive your Honda SXS at a slow speed and apply the brakes several times. This will help dry the brakes and restore normal braking performance. The headlights' inside lens may fog temporarily after washing or while driving in the rain. This does not impact the headlight function. However, if you see a large amount of water or ice accumulated inside the lens(es), have your vehicle inspected by your dealer.

Cleaning Matte Painted Surfaces

  • Use a soft cloth or sponge, plenty of water, and a mild detergent to clean the matte paint. Dry with a soft cloth.
  • Do not use polishing compounds or wax containing polishing compounds. These can damage or discolor the matte painted surface.

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