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User Guide Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Audio

Adjusting Gain

  • Turn amplifier gain to minimum (counter-clockwise).
  • Turn the source unit volume up to 7/8 maximum (or when distortion is just inaudible).
  •  Slowly increase amplifier gain control until adequate volume is achieved.


  • Best signal to noise and dynamic range are realized with gain set to minimum.
  • For a more in depth setting procedure, contact Rockford Technical Support

Auto Turn On(illus.-3.1)

  1. Three different automatic turn-on modes can be selected; REM(+12V), DC Offset, and Audio.
  2. Remote: Set the switch to REM to use the remote turn-on lead from your source unit.
  3. DC Offset: Set the switch to DC Offset to detect a DC offset from the HILevel speaker outputs when the source unit has been turned on. Audio:
  4. Set the switch to Audio to detect the incoming audio signal from your source unit and automatically turn on your powered loaded enclosure.

Protect light is on.

  •  If the Protect light is on, this is a sign of a possible short in the speaker connections.
  • Check for proper speaker connections and use a volt/ohm meter to check for possible shorts in the speaker wiring.
  • Too low of a speaker impedance may also cause Protect to light.

Check Amplifier for audio output.

  • Verify good RCA input connections at stereo and amplifier.
  • Check entire length of cables for kinks, splices, etc. Test RCA inputs for AC volts with stereo on. Repair/replace if necessary

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