User Manual Rockford Fosgate P1-2X12 Punch Dual P1 12" Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure Ported

Rockford Fosgate P1-2X12 Punch Dual P1 12" Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure Ported - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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Installation & Operation Rockford Fosgate P1-2X12

CAUTION: Before installation, disconnect the battery negative (-) terminal to prevent damage to the unit, fire and/or possible injury.

Run the speaker cable from the amp. When routing the speaker cable from the amplifier, avoid running it close to any sources of high current (wiring harnesses).The positive (+) speaker output from the amp connects to the red terminal of the enclosure, and the negative (-) connects to the black terminal.

Customer questions & answers

On here the dimensions show 37 for the length. On Crutchfield the exact same box shows 31 1/4" What is the actual length?

  • The actual length is 31.125".

How are these compared to the mtx terminators?

  • I have never used the MTX terminators. I can say though that they can hit hard. ALTHOUGH I here a lot of box vibration and it is NOT good at playing rock music. Pop, dubstep, R&B, Rap all great. You will not win sound comps. but it should be enough for the average sedan, or coupe.

Is it 500 watts rms a piece or 250 a piece?

  • Thank you for your business. These subwoofers are 250 watts RMS each, together is 500 watts RMS.

Will this fit in the trunk of a 2010 Camaro?

  • No . This box is to big .

Which amplifier would be ideal for these subs?

  • I personally have bought em the Rockford Fosgate Prime R500X1D and it works great

What would be the best enclosure for these subwoofers?

  • Included with enclosure....

Does it come with just the box or with the subs as well?

  • Box with 10" subs combined. And the sound is great. I mean great.

Can I put 10 inch fosgate t1 in this box?

  • We would not recommend this enclosure for the T1 series woofers.

Will 250w @4 ohm RMS work with these subs?

  • Yes. A good amp with that wattage should drive them fine. However double that and keep it below 75% will achieve better results and be where these will be at optimum. 250w will be satisfactory if that’s what you have to start with. They are big, heavy and loud.

What is the minium watts to power this box?

  • Subs can usually handle 75% - 120% of their rms rating: .75*500watts = 375watts. It will play but will be super underpowered. I run mine at 120% (600watts) with no issues.

Will these fit in my 1996 mustang ?

  • No, I would recommend downsizing to the Rockford P1 dual 10" . I have a friend who has them and they bang just as hard as my 12" ones. If you did buy the 12" ones you would have to do some construction to your back truck to make it fit and if it eventually fit there would be absolutely no room for anything else.

I have a is 10001d jl is 500 w rms on 4 ohms and thousand watts on 2 ohms that make three different boxes which one is the best for my amp

  • What are you asking about boxes? That amp tuned properly could work with anything from 1 watt - 1000 watts just depends on what you're looking for the Rockford p1 series is 250rms Per sub @ 4 ohm if you get 2 it will be 500rms at 2ohm

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