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  • Owner's manual - (English, Spanish)

Use & Care Guide Electric Cooktop Kenmore 79045109410

Table of contents

  • Warranty
  • Important Safety Instruction
  • Serial Hate Location
  • Product Record
  • Cooktop Features
  • Setting Surface Controls
  • About the Ceramic Glass Cooktop
  • About Radiant Surface Elements
  • Locations of the Radiant Surface Eiement and
  • Controls
  • General Cooktop information
  • Use Proper Cookware
  • Operating the Single Radiant Surface Eiements
  • General Care & Cleaning
  • Cleaning Your Cooktop
  • Ceramic Gtass Cooktop Cieaning & Maintenance
  • Cleaning Recommendations for Ceramic Gtass
  • Before You Call
  • Notes
  • Protection Agreements
  • Sears Service .

Setting Surface Controls

General Cooktop Information

Use the table below to determine the correct setting for the kind of food you are preparing. The low settings are used to simmer and keep larger quantities of foods warm such as stews and soups. The lowest simmer settings are ideal for delicate foods and melting chocolate or butter.

Note: The size and type of cookware used will influence the setting needed for best cooking results

Use Proper Cookware

Cookware should have flat bottoms that make good contact with the entire surface heating element. Check for flatness by rotating a ruler across the bottom of the cookware

  • Be sure to follow the recommendations for using cookware as shown to the right.

Note: The size and type of cookware used will influence the setting needed for best cooking results

Operating the Single Radiant Surface Elements

The 30" cooktop models has 4 single radiant surface elements and the 36" cooktop model has single radiant surface elements.

To Operate the Single Radiant Surface Elements

  1. Place correctly sized cookware on the radiant surface element.
  2. Push in and turn the surface control knob in either direction to the desired setting (Figure 4). Turn the knob to adjust the setting if desired. Start most cooking operations on a higher setting and then turn to a lower setting to finish cooking. Each surface element provides a constant amount of heat at each setting. A glowing red surface heating area extending beyond the bottom edge of the cookware indicates the cookware is too small for the surface heating area.
  3. When cooking has completed, turn the surface control knob to OFF before removing the cookware.

Note: The Hot Surface Indicator light wiii come on when the control knob is turned on and will continue to glow until the glass cooktop has cooled down to a moderate level that will not cause burns if the area is touched. The light may remain on even though the controls are turned OFF

Cleaning Your Cooktop

Painted and Plastic

  • For general cleaning, use hot soapy water and a cloth. For more difficult soils and built-up grease, apply a liquid detergent directly onto the soil. Leave on soil for 30 to 60 minutes. Rinse with a damp cloth and dry. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners on any of these materials; they can scratch or dull the finish

Stainless Steel, Chrome parts

  • Clean with hot, soapy water and a dishcloth. Rinse with clean water and cloth. Do not use cleaners with high concentrations of chlorides or chlorines. Do not use harsh scrubbing cleaners. Only use kitchen cleaners that are especially made for cleaning stainless steel. Always be sure to rinse the cleaners off from the surface as bluish stains may occur during heating that cannot be removed.

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