Philips PSA612/17 Sport audio player

User Manual - Page 21

For PSA612/17.

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Safety and Maintenance
General maintenance
To avoid damage or malfunction:
- Do not expose to excessive heat caused by heating equipment or direct sunlight.
- Do not drop your player or allow objects to fall on your player.
- Do not allow your player to be submersed in water. Do not expose earphone socket or
battery compartment to water as water entering the set may cause major damage.
- Do not use any cleaning agents containing alcohol, ammonia, benzene, or abrasives as
these may harm the set.
- Active mobile phones in the vicinity may cause interference.
- Backup your files. Please ensure that you retain the original files that you have downloaded
to your device. Philips is not responsible for any loss of content if the product becomes
damaged or not readable / legible.
- Manage (transfer, delete, etc.) your files only through included music software to avoid
About operating and storage temperatures
- Operate in a place where the temperature is always between 0 and 35
C (32 to 95
- Store in a place where the temperature is always between -20 and 45
C (-4 to 113
- Battery life may shorten in low temperature conditions.
Take care when using headphones
Hearing safety
Listen at a moderate volume. Using headphones at high volume can impair your hearing. We recommend
headphone no. SHJ025 for this product.
Important (for models with bypacked headphones):
Philips guarantees compliance with the maximum sound power of its audio players as determined by
relevant regulatory bodies only with the original model of provided headphones. In case this one
needs replacement, we recommend that you contact your retailer to order a model identical to that of
the original provided by Philips.
Traffic safety
Do not use headphones while driving or cycling as you may cause an accident.
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