Philips PSA612/17 Sport audio player

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For PSA612/17.

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3 During ShockLock mode, you can only listen to songs loading into the buffer. The number of songs that fit
into the buffer varies.You can expect that between 4 and 12 songs will fit.These songs will play
continuously in Repeat mode until you deactivate ShockLock or your battery is depleted.
4 To deactivate ShockLock, press and hold LOCK and deselect ShockLock, or turn off your player. During
ShockLock mode, the default music playback mode is Repeat playback mode.
During ShockLock loading, you may get a message informing you that the feature is only possible to activate for
non-subscription songs. In order not to violate any agreements you may have with your music subscription
services and to protect your subscription count only songs that you actually own can be loaded into ShockLock
mode. Songs acquired through music subscription services can be played in normal playback mode.
Using ShockLock during music playback
All hard disk players may be vulnerable to shock which may affect the quality of your music enjoyment during
vigorous workouts or activities. Philips has come with an innovation to further protect your player during
rigorous exercise called ShockLock.
ShockLock can be activated on any selection of music you own (that is on any music that does
not come from music subscription services) so you can enjoy your favorite music while on the move
without being interrupted by shock.
To activate ShockLock during music playback, follow the instructions below.
1 Press LOCK key. Select ShockLock.
2 Device shows loading mode.
During ShockLock mode, you may not be able to access some functions of your player. If you
wish to perform new functions, please deactivate ShockLock mode first.
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