Philips PSA612/17 Sport audio player

User Manual - Page 14

For PSA612/17.

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Radio mode***
***FM radio is only available to some regional versions. FM radio is currently not available in Europe..
Select your FM region
1 From the root menu, select Settings > Advanced > Radio settings.
2 Select your region. Press 2 to confirm your selection.
Auto tune
1 From the root menu, select RADIO to enter the radio mode.
2 Press 1 from P1 or 2 from P10 to select Autotune.
Press 2; to confirm.
Your device will automatically select the 10 strongest available
stations. Press any key to abort
Playing a radio station
1 From the root menu, select RADIO to enter the radio mode.
2 Press 1 for the previous or 2 for the next preset.
Manual tune
1 From the radio play screen, press and hold 2 to start manual tune.
2 Press 1 or 2 to tune step by step.
The screen indicates the change in frequency. You will hear a
hissing sound / the tuned station as you manual tune.
3 Press and hold 1 to search for the last available station or press and hold 2 to search for the
next available station.
4 Press 2; to confirm and save your preset.
If you do not want to store a manual tuned preset, do not press any key.
The manual tuning screen will time out without saving.
The headphone wire is used as an FM antenna. If necessary, move it for
optimum reception.
Please ensure that you connect the bypacked headphones during auto tuning of your radio
presets since the headphone cable functions as an antenna.
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