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User manual Smart Door Lock for Kwikset 99190-001

Perform the door handing process

  • Install 4 AA batteries in the battery pack.
  • Make sure the door is open. Insert the battery pack.
  • After a few seconds, the latch bolt will retract and extend on its own to learn the orientation of the door. This is called the door handing process, and it is crucial to lock operation.
  • If the touchscreen indicates a failure, peform the manual door handing procedure on page 10.

Locking and Unlocking

With the Premis App

  • When you are within Bluetooth range of your lock, you can use Siri commands to lock and unlock your door. Make sure your phone is unlocked, and refer to your lock by the name you assigned to it inside the Premis app. You can also tap the symbol of your lock inside the Premis app to lock and unlock the door.
  • If you have an Apple TV (4th generation or later), you can lock and unlock the door when you’re away from home. Just sign in to iCloud with the same Apple ID on your phone and Apple TV.
  • Note: Remote locking and unlocking functionality will be disabled if your Apple TV goes to sleep. It is recommended that you disable your Apple TV's sleep mode inside your Apple TV's settings.

Lights and Sound

Status LED Colors

  • The Status LED blinks every 6 seconds on lock interior to communicate whether the door is locked or unlocked, or if the batteries are low. The Status LED may be turned off inside the Premis app.
  • Note: During the pairing process, the Status LED will flash red and green, followed by a short beep (if the lock's sound is not muted).


  • The lock beeps during normal use and programming. If desired, you may mute the lock inside the Premis app.

Manual Door Handing

If needed, the door handing process can be initiated manually.

This is useful if the lock is being moved to a diff erent door

  • Remove battery pack.
  • Press and HOLD the Program button while reinserting the battery pack. Release button once battery pack is installed. The status LED will flash red and green.
  • Press the Program button once more.
  • The latch bolt will extend and retract to learn the orientation of the door.

System Reset

A system reset will do the following:

  • Remove the lock from your Premis app and HomeKit system.
  • Remove all users, schedules, and user codes that were added inside the app.
  • Remove all user codes that were programmed directly at the lock.
  • Disable Auto-Lock.
  • Turn on the Status LED if it was turned off inside the Premis app.
  • Re-enable SecureScreen if it was disabled inside the Premis app.
  • Unmute sound if it was muted from the Premis app.

To perform a system reset, press and hold Button “A” on the back panel for 20 seconds. The lock will beep after 7 seconds. Keep holding until you hear a second beep.

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