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This is User manual for  Kwikset 99240-001

Table of Contents

  • Gateway Setup
  • Light Ring Colors
  • Factory Reset
  • Light Ring Colors
  • Factory Reset
  • Regulatory Compliance

Set up 

1. Connect and fully tighten the antenna to the back of the gateway. Pivot the antenna so that it points straight up.

2. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the gateway. Plug the other end into your internet router.

3. Insert the plug of the power cable into the gateway. Connect the power adapter to a power outlet.

4. Make sure the lights on the gateway are functioning. See the Light Ring Colors chart on page 2.

5. Complete your Kevo Plus set-up by following the instructions within the Kevo app to “Pair a Device.”

6.Once configured, you may control the gateway with the Kevo app or

  • Open the Kevo app, then select your lock from the home screen.
  • Press the green globe (remote connection) button, then press the lock / unlock button.

Factory Reset

Insert a small pin or paper clip into the hole next to the antenna to restore all settings to factory default.


• Internet service

• Internet router with available Ethernet port

• Active Kevo owner account for the lock

To get started:

  1. Install Kevo Smart Lock - check that the Kevo app is able to lock/unlock using Bluetooth.
  2. Install Kevo Plus – check that the Kevo app is able to “remotely” lock/unlock.
  3. Set up your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or other devices with Amazon Alexa.
  4. Enable the Kevo Smart Home skill in the Alexa app.
  5. Link your Kevo smart lock account and discover the locks.
  6. Once your account is linked, you can use the Kevo smart Home skill for Alexa on your Alexa enabled device

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Kwikset 99240-001 Questions and Answers

How many phones can be connect at one time?
Each Kevo is equipped with 25 free eKeys to distribute according to your needs. You must be an Owner or Admin of the desired lock to send eKey via mobile app. Each Kevo Lock does exceed the amount of 25 eKeys to send.

Is there a monthly subscription required to use the hub remotely?
There is no monthly fee to use Kevo Plus. The Kevo Plus Gateway uses an Ethernet connection to connect to your home wireless router and then uses your high-speed internet service to communicate with our cloud.



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