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Currently, the washer is one of the most popular technological equipment and machinery in the world. Almost every household uses at least one washer. However, few people know about the origin as well as the history of this product or how it was formed, developed and popularized in the world. So, join us to learn about the creation and development of washers in this article.

ince ancient times, humans have cleaned their clothes by smashing them on rocks

The ancient laundry

Since ancient times, the ancient people have been known to clean their clothes by beating them on rocks or rubbing them with sand, for the purpose of washing dirt away in the water stream of public laundry service. Laundry services at that time evolved to the point that people had a term for the laundry workers: Fullones. Besides the development of services, the Romans also invented a soap used to clean military clothes. This soap, similar to an alkaline solution, is made from animal ash and fat. Since that time, they have known how to use soap to increase cleaning efficiency when washing clothes. Evidence of ancient laundry soap has been found in the foothills of Sapo hills in Rome, where ash containing animal fat was used as soap.

The medieval laundry

Unlike the public washing style of the ancient Romans, medieval Europeans had the habit of washing their own clothes. They use a brush and a wooden stick to beat clothes. First, rinse clothes with water in rivers and streams, then rub and beat clothes with the above tools, finally rinse clothes with water. By the 17th century, the laundry had a different transformation. First put all the dirty clothes in a cauldron or pot, then bring to a boil. Next put them on a flat sheet and beat them with a stick.  Finally rinse them with water. The scrubbing table is the next device invented for washing clothes. The surface of the rubbing table is engraved by the station to create. With the help of this tool, the women no longer need to rub their clothes against the stone.

Medieval rubbing board

The birth of the first washer

In the mid-1800s America was in the midst of an industrial revolution. More and more cities were being built, and the middle class also grew strongly. This in turn increases the demand for human support equipment and machines. The need for a washing device also appears in the majority of people. In 1851, an American named James King filed an invention for a washer. His washer is drum-shaped and still works with manpower. However, this is the idea that motivates inventors to make improvements later on. In 1858, Hamilton Smith improved the design of the washer with the addition of a clothes container. Later, members of the Shaker community in Pennsylvania continued to improve and build a large, commercially available wooden washer. One of the models was exhibited in Philadelphia in 1876.

Design the first washer

Design the first washer

The first electric washer

It was not until the early 20th century that electricity was widely applied. And of course, previous home washers were completely manual. Some industrial washers use steam and straps to operate. As electricity spread to homes, it was the driving force behind inventors to replace steam engines with electric motors. Inventors created the first electric washer. This device has the name: "Thor". In 1901, an American engineer named Alva J. Fisher filed a patent on a clothes washer. By 1908, the Hurley Machine Company built the Thor washer based on the prototype of Alva J. Fisher. Thor's design is in a drum shape and is continually improving. However, the main parts, such as the galvanized sink, attached to the electric motor, and the belt drive, remained. When Thor changed the laundry industry at that time, a number of big companies saw the potential in home appliances. In 1907, Maytag Corporation introduced its first wooden tub washer and decided to invest its full potential in the washer business.  Before that, the company's main product was agricultural tools. In 1911, Whirlpool Corporation founded Upton Machine Company, specializing in manufacturing washers. Upton Machine develops washers with spinning function.

Upton Machine's first washer Whirlpool Corporation

Upton Machine's first washer Whirlpool Corporation

The modern washer

In the early 1920s, Canadian laundry facilities underwent significant improvements. The device has a hot wash function. The hot water function is performed by burning gas or using electricity. However, by 1930, hot water was widely available to homes and washers of this type were no longer popular. At this point, people are more interested in an automatic washers in this era added an automatic flushing function, approaching full automation. In addition, the washer is equipped with a timer, allowing the user to not need to control the operation of the machine. In the early 1950s, American washer manufacturers added the ability to dry clothes and washable clothes after the washer. In 1957, GE Corporation (General Electric) introduced a washer model with 3 additional functions: washing temperature control, exhaust temperature, and chamber rotation speed. The design and function of today's washers closely resemble those of GE's in 1957 - 1958

Design of GE washers in 1957-1958

Design of GE washers in 1957-1958

Along with the development of science and technology, clothes cleaning methods are increasingly diverse, in 1985, electronic technology is applied to open a new turning point for the design and function of the washer. At this time, the washer has two types of vertical and horizontal barrels with controls performed on the electronic screen. In 1990, improved engine speed technology, the washer achieves a wide range of speed and adjustment changes. Since then, with the development of technology and improved drive motor, Japan directly produced a drive motor washer, which removes the transmission device and change mechanism, making the washer a  great revolution. Later, as the development of science and technology grew stronger, the drum washer became a product for everyone and offered a more modern life. Since 2000 onwards, with the explosion of high technology, washers have also been improved to be luxurious, modern, using less water and energy. Besides, the washer is also integrated with many great features and extremely convenient.
Through the article we see the history of formation and development of washer through many stages. Initially from primitive ideas, assist people in daily laundry. After many improvements, some modern washers have a different traditional washing method than before. However, all of the improvements in the product are for one purpose: serving the needs of the user.

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