Should you have a washer dryer or separate?

A washer dryer is a useful item in the house, similar to a refrigerator or a TV. They make your laundry days so much easier. However, instead of getting a washer dryer combo, many people buy separate items for their house. So which one should you buy? A washer dryer or separate ones?

What is a washer dryer combo?

A washer dryer combo looks like a washer, but it combines a front loading washing machine with a condenser clothes dryer that has about the same size. It has all the features you need from a washer and a dryer, including programs and modes. The biggest advantage that a washer dryer combo offers is that it doesn’t take a lot of space in the house. So it is an excellent choice for small apartments and houses.

A combo doesn’t take as much space as standalone appliances

A combo doesn’t take as much space as standalone appliances

How to use a washer dryer?

It is easy and convenient to use a washer dryer combo. Unlike using a separate washer and dryer that requires you to move your clothes between the two machines, you don’t have to do much with this combo. You just need to put your dirty clothes in, add detergent, set the program and wait until the process is finished, and your clothes will be clean and dry.

If for some reasons, you don’t want to use the wash and dry function, you can use washing or drying functions independently. It is undeniable that having the drying built in is so useful, most people still prefer being able to wash their clothes then take them out to hang. And use the combo when the weather is wet or they can’t wait for the clothes to naturally dry but need them immediately.

As mentioned earlier, a washer dryer is the best option for houses that don’t have large space for both machines. But make sure you select the highest spin speed so that it can extract as much water as possible before the drying phase. Then your clothes will be completely dry after that. 

Compare a washer dryer to separate washing machine and dryer

It is hard to decide whether to buy a washer dryer or separate items. When it comes to cleaning capability, they are similar because the washing action in a combo is the same as in a front loader. However, the drying ability is a little bit different. Despite using the same amount of energy as a condenser dryer, they take about three and a half hours on average to dry clothes which is twice as long as a dryer. Some models even take up to six hours. This can be frustrating sometimes if you're in a hurry for clean clothes.

A washer dryer combo is an excellent choice for small houses

A washer dryer combo is an excellent choice for small houses

Besides, drying in a combo uses more water so if you rely too much on a dryer, you might want to opt for a single appliance. Also, when something goes wrong, you might have to pay more to repair it because of the complexity of a combo. However, the quality of washer dryer combos has been steadily improving in recent years, so it isn’t a big deal to worry about any part breaking down. 


  • It has a comparable washing performance to a washing machine
  • It has half the footprint of separate appliances
  • You don’t need to do anything, just let it wash and dry your clothes
  • You can use the washing or drying function independently, which means you can use it as a normal washing machine and use the combo for emergencies
  • You pay roughly the same amount as a separate front loading washer and a dryer for purchase and monthly bills.


  • The drying capability is not great, you can dry half the capacity that you can wash
  • It needs a huge amount of water to dry, excluding the amount it needs for washing. Some new models have reduced the water consumption
  • There are heat-pump combos that are more energy efficient and don't need water to dry, but they are more complicated and expensive 
  • The dimensions can be too big to fit the spot you want to put it in 
  • It doesn’t have a reliable history, but the reliability has improved in recent years

Should you buy a washer dryer or separate?

A combo is suitable for busy people

A combo is suitable for busy people

A washer dryer combo is a convenient appliance in modern society. If you are living in big cities where there are very little spaces for these appliances, a washer dryer combo is an excellent option. In addition, the fast-paced life in the city means you have to spend long days at work, so when you come home, you just want to relax and not have to do house work. Using a washer dryer combo makes your life much easier. Before leaving for work, you just need to put the dirty clothes on and come home to clean and dry laundry. In addition, if you are single or you are living with a family of two, the dryer capacity doesn’t really matter.

A combo is also a good option if you normally hang your clothes to dry, but sometimes use the dryer for emergencies. Be aware that you will be paying more for a washer dryer combo than a washing machine. Besides, if the households have someone who has mobility issues, a combo is what you should buy because you can wash and dry without moving clothes between a separate washing machine and condenser dryer.

On the other hand, if you are living with your big family and need to use the dryer regularly, or a small family but needs to do laundry very often, you might want to buy standalone appliances. Because they offer better drying performance, and less water consuming as well. That means if you are worried about the high water consumption from some models, you should not buy combos or if you want them so badly, choose wisely.  In addition, buying these two appliances separately can save your money, not only when you purchase them, but also when you need to repair any of them. 

Hopefully you have found the answer whether you should buy a washer dryer or separate items for your house. Good luck with your choice!

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