Best Washer and Dryer Combos in 2020

Are you frustrated about spending too much time on doing laundry? Don’t worry, now you can leave the job for washer and dryer combos. Not only can it help you clean and dry your clothes without intervention, but it also takes a very little space in the house. In this article, we will provide the best washer and dryer combos in 2020 for your recommendation.

#1: LG WM3488HW


If your apartment is small, the LG WM3488HW is the right washer and dryer combo that can fit your home well. It comes with a 2.3-cubic-foot capacity and a wide range of LG technology, from ventless drying to a clean cycle. That means you can put the combo anywhere in the house and do not need to worry about how to sterilize the inside of the washer drum.

This model is a popular option that has been in the market for a long time. It also has six different washing motions. If you do a big load, your clothes will still be cleaned. Besides, you can do different treatment options with this model. It has dispensers for pre-wash liquids, bleach, and fabric softener. It doesn’t make noise during operation and it has automatic cycle optimization depending on the load. Users are able to choose between many different washing programs, including sportswear, baby wear, speed wash, and many more.

#2: Blomberg WMD24400W


This Blomberg model comes with plenty of smart features. First of all, you can customize your washing and drying cycle according to your wish. For example, you can start the laundry before you leave the house for work in the morning and when you come back, it is ready to be folded.

The capacity is 1.95-cubic-foot and it has 16 different wash programs. You can choose baby clothes wash, jogging wear wash, and even hand-wash. It can also control the temperature to make sure clothes will be washed and dried with the suitable temperature. Besides, users can use the delay start option to choose when the cycles begin, and they can get the right timing.

This model also has the ability to adjust water automatically. That means it releases the exact amount each laundry load needs. With its smart features, it calculates the size of the laundry, sets an appropriate temperature and uses the precise quantity of water.

#3: Kenmore Elite 41002

Kenmore Elite 41002

If you have a big family or always need to do a huge load, you need to buy this Kenmore model. This washer dryer combo from Kenmore has a huge capacity at 4.5 cubic feet. With that being said, it has the ability to wash and dry an 8-pound load in about three hours. Kenmore Elite 41002 User Manual File Pdf.

It comes with many interesting features for washer and dryer combos. Firstly, the Cold Clean helps the machine save energy. Secondly, the Steam Treat and Smart Motion features make your clothes get rid of stains and have better clean. In addition, you can use the Add Garment option in case you forget some pieces of clothing and add them during a laundry cycle. Then use the Stay Fresh option if you can’t take your clothes out to hang or fold immediately after they finish washing and drying to avoid wrinkles. 



This GE model helps you save time washing and drying clothes. It comes with the 2.4 cubic feet capacity and a lot of smart features. If you do a small load with lightly soiled items, it only takes about 30 minutes to finish. In addition, it helps detergent to do a better job with the steam wash features which loosens and removes stains easily while still protecting your cloth. This washer and dryer combo also does a good job with sanitization by combining steam with hot temperature which enables a deeper clean and kills bacteria. This feature is useful for families with infants. GFQ14ESSNWW user manual.

Besides, this model is a ventless machine so you can install it under the counter comfortably. The automatic dispensers release detergent, fabric softener and bleach during the wash cycle. It has the Add-a-garment button that pauses the operation, lets you open the door and add a fabric. 

#5: LG WM3499HVA


This LG model comes with a standard 2.3 cu.ft. capacity. It will make your laundry days much more convenient. It doesn’t need an external vent to be able to install. So you can put it anywhere in the house.   WM3499HVA user manual.

The TubClean Cycle ensures that these washer and dryer combos are always clean. In addition, the steam technology gives the clothes better clean as it takes out dirt and foul odors. This smart machine also allows you to select a cycle, start-stop and finish the wash. It will notify you on your smartphone when the process is finished  and get notifications when the function is completed all from your smartphone. It also enables voice control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Things to consider when buying washer and dryer combos

When buying the best washer and dryer combos for your house, you need to consider these key features:

Digital display: An advanced model should come with a digital display that lets you control the wash. You can see the remaining time of the cycle with an indicator light and the machine will make some noise to notify you that the session has finished. 

Energy efficiency: Everyone wants a high end model, but they also want to save money on monthly bills. That’s why you need to look at its energy-efficient model rate. You should buy one that features eco options, such as a short wash to save the time of the cycle. It also allows you to select a lower temperature to reduce your energy costs. 

Wi-Fi: If your washer and dryer combo has this feature, you can control the cycle and get notification from your smartphone. Some models even allow you to control with your voice. 

Noise: These models can be noisy during operation, but there are some models that keep noise to a minimum. If it is rated at a low decibels (dB), it’ll create less noise.

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