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 Installation Instructions and Use & Care Guide cooking KitchenAid model  KVWC906JSS
Table of Contents

  • Tools and Parts
  • Location Requirements
  • Venting Requirements
  • Electrical Requirements
  • Prepare Location
  • Install Range Hood
  • Install Range Hood Internal Blower Motor
  • Install Range Hood In-Line (External Type)
  • Blower Motor
  • Make Electrical Connections for In-Line Blower
  • Motor System
  • Make Electrical Power Supply Connection to
  • Range Hood
  • Complete Installation and Check Operation
  • Range Hood Controls
  • Range Hood Lamps
  • Cleaning
  • In the U.S.A
  • Accessories
  • In Canada


Use this unit only in the manner intended by the manufacturer. If you have questions, contact the manufacturer.

Before servicing or cleaning the unit, switch power off at service panel and lock the service disconnecting means to prevent power from being switched on accidentally. When the service disconnecting means cannot be locked, securely fasten a prominent warning device, such as a tag, to the service panel.

Installation work and electrical wiring must be done by qualified person(s) in accordance with all applicable codes and standards, including fire-rated construction.

Do not operate any fan with a damaged cord or plug.

Discard fan or return to an authorized service facility for examination and/or repair.

Sufficient air is needed for proper combustion and exhausting of gases through the flue (chimney) of fuel burning equipment to prevent backdrafting. Follow the heating equipment manufacturer's guideline and safety standards such as those published by the National Fire

Protection Association (NFPA), the American Society for

Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers

ASHRAE), and the local code authorities.

When cutting or drilling into wall or ceiling; do not damage electrical wiring and other utilities.

Ducted fans must always be vented outdoors.

CAUTION: For general ventilating use only. Do not use to exhaust hazardous or explosive materials and vapors.

CAUTION: To reduce risk of fire and to properly exhaust air, be sure to duct air outside - do not vent exhaust air into spaces within walls or ceilings, attics or into crawl spaces, or garages.



Never leave surface units unattended at high settings.

Boilovers cause smoking and greasy spillovers that may ignite. Heat oils slowly on low or medium settings.

Always turn hood ON when cooking at high heat or when flambeing food (i.e. Crepes Suzette, Cherries Jubilee,

Peppercorn Beef Flambé).

Clean ventilating fans frequently. Grease should not be allowed to accumulate on fan or filter.

Use proper pan size. Always use cookware appropriate for the size of the surface element.

DO NOT USE WATER, including wet dishcloths or towels - a violent steam explosion will result.

Use an extinguisher ONLY if:

You know you have a class ABC extinguisher, and you already know how to operate it.

The fire is small and contained in the area where it started.

The fire department is being called.

You can fight the fire with your back to an exit.

Based on "Kitchen Fire Safety Tips" published by NFPA.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not use this fan with any solid-state speed control device.

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