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Installation Guide Hardware Expansion Unit for Synology DX517

Table of Contents

  • Before You Start
  • Package Contents
  • Expansion Unit at a Glance
  • Safety Instructions
  • Hardware Setup
  • Tools and Parts for Drive Installation
  • Install Drives
  • Connect with Synology DiskStation
  • Replace System Fan
  • Confirm Connection and Manage Storage Spaces
  • Learn More
  • Specifications
  • LED Indicator Table

Install Drives

  1. Press the lower part of the drive tray to pop out the handle
  2. Pull the drive tray handle in the direction as indicated below to remove the drive tray.
  3. Load drives in the drive trays: For 2.5” drives: Remove the fastening panels from the sides of the drive tray and store them in a safe place. Place the drive in the blue area (shown below) of the drive tray. Turn the tray upside down and tighten the screws to secure the drive in place. For 3.5” drives: Remove the fastening panels from the sides of the drive tray. Place the drive in the drive tray. Then insert the fastening panels to secure the drive in place.
  4. Insert the loaded drive tray into the empty drive bay.
  5. Press the handle in flush with the front panel to hold the drive tray in place.
  6. Insert the drive tray key into the drive tray lock, turn the key clockwise to lock the handle of the drive tray, and then remove the key.
  7. Repeat the steps above to assemble the other drives you have prepared.
  8. Drives are numbered as shown below

Connect with Synology DiskStation

  1. Connect one end of the power cord to the power port of the expansion unit, and the other to the power outlet
  2. Connect the expansion cable to the expansion ports of DX517 and Synology DiskStation: After the connection is complete, DX517 will be turned on or off automatically when the connected DiskStation powers on or off.

Replace System Fan

The ALERT LED indicator of your DX517 will be static orange if either of the system fans is not working. Follow the steps below to replace the malfunctioning fan with a good one.

  1. Shut down your expansion unit. Disconnect all cables connected to your expansion unit to prevent any possible damages.
  2. Fans are numbered 
  3. Remove the screws that secure the fan panels and pull the panels from the expansion unit
  4. 4 Remove the malfunctioning fans by disconnecting the fan cable from the connectors
  5. Connect the cables of the new fans to the connectors and tighten the screws removed in

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