User Manual Neff D2615X0GB/03 - 30 Integrated Cooker Hood 60 cm Silver metallic

Neff D2615X0GB/03 - 30 Integrated Cooker Hood 60 cm Silver metallic - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Installation instructions - (English)
  • Installation instructions - (English)
  • Installation instructions - (English)

User manual Cooker Hood for Neff D2615X0GB/03

Exhaust-air mode:

  • The extractor-hood fan extracts the kit- chen vapours and conveys them through the grease filter into the atmosphere.
  • The grease filter absorbs the solid par- ticles in the kitchen vapours.
  • The kitchen is kept almost free of grease and odours.

Operating modes

  • If the air intake is inadequate, there is a risk of poisoning from combustion gases which are drawn back into the room.
  • An air-intake/exhaust-air wall box by itself is no guarantee that the limiting value will not be exceeded.
  • Note: When assessing the overall require- ment, the combined ventilation system for the entire household must be taken into consideration. This rule does not apply to the use of cooking appliances, such as hobs and ovens.
  • Unrestricted operation is possible if the extractor hood is used in recirculating mode with activated carbon filter.

Circulating-air mode:

  • This requires installation of an activated carbon filter (see section on filter and maintenance).
  • The activated carbon filter is obtainable as a special accessory from your aut- horized dealer.
  • The corresponding accessory numbers can be found at the end of these opera- ting instructions.
  • The extractor-hood fan extracts the kit- chen vapours, which are purified in the grease filter and activated carbon filter and then conveyed back into the kit- chen.
  • The grease filter absorbs the grease par- ticles in the kitchen vapours.
  • The activated carbon filter binds the odorous substances.

Important notes:

  • The Instructions for Use apply to several versions of this appliance. Accordingly, you may find descriptions of individual features that do not apply to your specific appliance.
  • This extractor hood complies with all relevant safety regulations.
  • Repairs should be carried out by quali- fied technicians only.

Improper repairs may put the user at considerable risk.

  • Do not use the appliance if damaged.
  • The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirmed persons without supervision.
  • Young children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance.
  • If the connecting cable for this applian- ce is damaged, the cable must be replaced by the manufacturer or his customer service or a similarly qualified person in order to prevent serious injury to the user.
  • The appliance may be connected to the mains by a qualified technician only.
  • Dispose of packaging materials properly see Installation instructions).
  • This extractor hood is designed for domestic use only.
  • Light bulbs must always be fitted when the extractor hood is in use.
  • Defective bulbs should be replaced immediately to prevent the remaining bulbs from overloading.
  • Never operate the extractor hood with- out a grease filter.

Gas hobs / Gas cookers

  • Do not use all the gas hotplates simulta- neously for a prolonged period (max. 15 minutes) at maximum thermal load, otherwi- se there is a risk of burns if the housing sur- faces are touched or a risk of damage to the extractor hood.
  • If the extractor hood is situated over a gas hob, operate the hood at maximum setting if three or more gas hotplates are operated simultaneously.

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